NKU "International Talents Club" held Chinese Music Appreciation Activity

On the afternoon of November 27th, the “International Talents Club” of Office for International Academic Exchange held Chinese music appreciation activity for foreign experts and students of Nankai University. Remarkably, foreign experts from Tianjin Medical University and other universities were also invited to participate in the activity.

Associate Professor He Honglu of the Oriental Art Department of the School of Literature gave a lecture to foreign experts on Chinese music history and the appreciation of folk music. He began his speech with the suggestion that one could grasp Chinese music before understanding Chinese culture and China as a whole. He introduced Chinese music history and musical instruments, and performed Chinese music with erhu, leiqin, huang and hulusi for foreign experts and students. He also invited foreign experts of Nankai University to play music with Chinese musical instruments.

Currently, there are over 60 long-term foreign experts in Nankai University who come from Britain, the United States, France, Japan, Russia, Germany, Portugal, Italy, west, Hungary and other 18 countries. The "International Talents Club " was established by the Office for International Academic Exchange in 2016. So far, the club has organized a series of cultural activities for foreign experts and students on campus so that they can better understand Chinese history and culture.

Reported by Guan Yan

Translated by Li Kuqing

Proofread by Ada Yan




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