Meet in Jinnan Love in Nankai

Meet in Jinnan Love in Nankai

On the evening of November 15, the themed party for undergraduates named “Meet in Jinnan, Love in Nankai” began in the Fortune House restaurant of Jinnan campus. The organizers of this activity were the Student Associations of the College of Electronic Information and Optical Engineering and the Zhou Enlai School of Government. There were more than 100 participators from the Zhou Enlai School of Government and other colleges.

The party was made of “An 11-minute Date”, “Offline Model couples” and “Say out my love”. The party started with a jazz dance to welcome the guests and break the ice. Under the guidance of the host, “An 11-minutes Date” in the second-floor restaurant progressed smoothly. The single male and female students on the date had a good time in the little attic. In order to increase mutual understanding, some questions about males and females were prepared for the participants. The host chose repliers by calling out their numbers and gave rewards to those who had a right answer. Then, at the end of a love song, a boy confessed his love to a girl and the party reached its climax. In the “Offline Model Couples”, the host announced the best couple of the night and presented them gifts. As for the last activity “Say out My Love”, it was a good chance for courtship. All the students at the party became the witnesses of beautiful love. The party ended with a lucky draw activity.

This activity, hosted by the College of Electronic Information and Optical Engineering and the Zhou Enlai School of Government, was aimed to combat students’ addiction to social networks, offer an opportunity for face-to-face communication and mutual understanding among students from different backgrounds and make the school life in the Jinnan campus livelier.

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