Original Play of Nankai University Tribute to the “Backbone of the Republic “YANG Shixian

Original Play of Nankai University   Tribute to the “Backbone of the Republic “YANG Shixian

Nankai online news (reported by NIE Jici; pictured by REN Yonghua): To pay their tribute to their elder, Nankai Students organized a play which lasted for almost two hours. On November 10th, YANG Shixian, an original play to pay tribute to Professor YANG Shixian, the founder and trailblazer of China’s pesticide chemistry and organic chemistry fields, took place in Tianjin Theater.

The play tells about the nearly-seventy-year history from Professor Yang’s first time studying abroad to his passing away in 1985, concentrating on the story of how he gave up a comfortable life abroad and came back home to teach, dedicating himself to China’s organic pesticide development and China’s organic chemistry education. It artistically retells how he enthusiastically developed pesticides to protect food safety and security in our country, and meanwhile educated a number of excellent academician chemists for our country.

WANG Chunfa, the secretary of China’s Science Association, came to the play. He points out that “a good school has to form its own personality; its personality is formed by its culture, and its culture by its tradition; traditions have to be popularized through stories.” He hopes that YANG Shixian will be known to more people through this play and become a part of Nankai culture.

GONG Ke, the president of Nankai University, also came to the play. When the play was first shown in May, he said, “We hope people will pay due attention to such people as YANG Shixian, the backbone of our republic’s science and technology sector, and the director of lives and the excellent example for our studying“. Besides, the play YANG Shixian is to be part of Nankai’s repertoire and is to be performed on the 120th anniversary of YANG’s birth and the 100th anniversary of Nankai’s founding.

There is a great “group of consultants” who worked on the play. The general consultants are XUE Jinwen, the Communist party secretary of Nankai University, and GONG Ke, the president. Other consultants include YANG Jingnian, the 107-year-old Nankai professor, SHEN Panwen and CHENG Jinpei, academicians of China’s Science Academy, LI Zhengming, the academician of China’s Engineering Academy, LIANG Jisheng, the director of the National Association of Collegiate School History Research and LIU Jihong, the first-class actor, screenwriter and director of the Song and Dance Ensemble of the PLA General Political Department

The project “The Backbone of the Republic--Science Master Popularizing in Famous Colleges” was founded based on this play. In the first half of next year, it will go on a national tour in combination with other plays from Tsinghua University, Peking University and other universities.

On the day of the show came a group of people including ZHANG Feng, the vice minister of the publicity department of China’s Science Association, YANG Xinchuan, the secretary and executive vice president of the Science Association in Tianjin, ZHANG Lizhu and DUAN Zhiqiang, the vice presidents of the Science Association in Tianjin, LIU Yanan and FANG Wei, deputy secretaries of the Communist Youth League, YANG Kexin, the Communist party secretary and vice president of Nankai University. A conversation among guests and performers was held after the show.

YANG Shixian, who is of Mongolian ethnicity, was born in Hangzhou on January 8th, 1897, with his ancestral home in Huaining, Anhui, was a famous chemist and educator of our country. He became the president of Nankai’s school board, vice president and later president after the Republic of China was founded in 1949. He became the honorary president after resigning from the presidency. He went abroad to study and resolutely came back home three times from 1918 to 1947. He studied chemistry in Cornell University and Yale University, and got a doctoral degree of Chemistry from Yale University. He was elected a representative from the first to the fifth National People’s Congress, a constant member of the fifth and sixth Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, a member of China’s Science Academy, the director of the Chemistry Department, the director of the Chemistry Department of China’s Science Association, the chairman of China’s Chemistry Association and the president of the Science Association in Tianjin. He joined the China Association for Promoting Democracy in 1953 and joined the Communist Party in 1960.

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