Mr. Wang Ge was invited to the “Collaborative Innovation Lecture Hall”

In the afternoon of June 1st, a new lecture of the series “Collaborative Innovation Lecture Hall”, promoted by the Collaborative Innovation Center for China Economy, was held at Nankai University’s School of Economics. Wang Ge was invited to give a speech titled “‘Harmony Culture Builds Human Community’s Destiny”. Mr. Wang is Honorary Director of The Government and Social Capital Cooperation (PPP) Research Center, Standing Vice Chairman of the UNAOC Ecological Civilization Committee, Chairman of the international non-profit organization “Harmony”, Dean of the Chinese “Harmony” Cultural Institute, and researcher at the Chinese Research Center of Tsinghua University. The lecture was hosted by Prof. Zhang Zhigang from School of Economics.

Wang Ge started talking about his new book “Thoughts on ‘Harmony’ Culture”. He explained that culture is the highest product of the union between material and spiritual. He delineated three original relationships of the human civilization based on equality: 

1) Human wisdom: motion increased human cranial capacity and started the initial information exchange inside the brain. Logic and wisdom emerged from this process;
2) Humans feel sympathy and love because of the social characteristics formed in the primitive society; 
3) Mutual help: logical thinking, which is located in the left part of the human brain, and creative thinking, which is in the right side, form a cross point. The human wisdom is created starting from this cross point. 
Besides, humans should study hard and observe the environment. People can achieve their cultural self-consciousness only thinking in a philosophical way, and having a cultural awakening. “Harmony” culture, formed in a “post-cultural era”, urges the coming of the “post-nations era”: all the nations must create common cultural values, forming a human community’s destiny.

Later, Wang Ge took dough as an example to explain “Harmony” Culture. He explained the importance of communication, recognition, embodiment, and approving. At the same time, he also introduced the ideology of the United Nations: “manage ideal individual space and don’t harm others’ interests”. 

Wang Ge’s lecture was really interesting. He used a clear and vivid language to explain the cultural contents of “Harmony” Culture. He also expressed his expectation for the future harmonious development of human society, and hoped to have the chance to construct together a harmonious world. This let the audience realize his wide-range knowledge and special personality. Later, during the Q&A session, the students actively expressed their opinions, and Wang patiently answered their questions. He also presented his new book to the students who expressed an opinion or asked a question. He encouraged them to work hard not only to improve their life quality, but also to make contributions to the human society.

In the end, Wang Ge played the video he co-produced, “Song of ‘Harmony’ Culture”, winning the attention of the students. Thanks to the beautiful melody, the audience had a deeper understanding of lecture’s contents, and had the opportunity to think about the direction of the human future.

Source: Nankai News
Translated by Shi Yuchen
Proofread by Letizia Vallini

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