“Workplace RM”: “Female Manners in the Workplace”

A Lesson about Interview Etiquette


June 4th, the Workplace Resource Lecture “Female Job Application Tutorial: Female Manners in the Workplace” was successfully held. The lecture is one of the activities of the series “Workplace RM” (Fourth Edition), held by the College of Foreign Languages. The lecture was about femininity in the workplace and interview etiquette.

Starting from communication image, behavior and environment, Prof. Fan Qing talked about appropriate feminine appearance and body language in the workplace, explaining also practical cases. Prof. Fan introduced interview etiquette and mistakes, and suggested the students to choose clothes and make-up according to their own images and characteristics.

During the Q&A session, Prof. Fan introduced the students to the background “Survival on a Hidden Island”, and showed the simulation of an interview. She told students to present their advantages and hide their disadvantages during the interview, giving the interviewers a positive and confident image. The students said they learned much from the lecture, building a more comprehensive understanding of femininity in the workplace and interview etiquette.

With the end of the lecture “Female Manners in the Workplace”, the series of activities of College of Foreign Languages “Workplace RM” (Fourth Edition) also came to an end. 2017 graduates have benefited much from these activities, which included almost 20 lectures, 10 exchanges, and more than 30 online experiences.

Reported by Zhang Qi, Liu Weishuang
Translated by Shi Yuchen
Proofread by Letizia Vallini

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