KAB Startup Club: Building the Startup Platform

【Business Startup Beside You】KAB Startup Club: Building the Startup Platform

Business startups are definitely the hot topic among university students nowadays. Wandering in Nankai University’s campus, you can find all kinds of business clubs, student entrepreneurs, startup competition posters and college student startup bases around you.

Among all the business clubs, Nankai University’s KAB Startup Club cannot be underestimated.

Brand Activities and Startup Services

 “The KAB Startup Club focuses on providing Nankai University students a startup information platform,” Pan Zhuo, executive chairman of Nankai KAB, told the reporter: “We hold a series of brand activities to show our spirit of entrepreneurship.”


In business salons, KAB Club will invite famous entrepreneurs to share their experience with a dozen of college students, and they will hold GCC lectures and celebrity lectures, “We have successfully invited Master Yancan and Tong Zhe.”

A cocktail party held in May or June is one of KAB’s high-class activities, and Pan Zhuo thinks it is worth holding such an expensive party, as it can draw teachers, entrepreneurs and experts from various fields together. Also, “face to face” communications prove to be effective.

Apart from lectures and salons, their innovative sales competition also stands out among other university activities, and the highest reward competitors can receive is up to 8000 yuan, which is extremely attractive. Chu Mengfei, a participant from last year, said that even if they did not win the award, through planning, writing proposals and shooting micro film, it was rewarding to take part in.

However, there are also some disputes over the competition, like whether the emphasis on sales and micro films has deviated from its original principle. Pan Zhuo explained that starting up a business needs publicity, not only planning and finance. The competition requires the sense of management and economics, more than just simple innovation.

              Internal Management and Various Practice

It is also hard to manage a club with a great number of members, thus, KAB has two managing systems.

The departments of project, publicity, external connection and human resources will do their own daily work most of the time, but when a special project team is formed, members will be recruited from all departments. Members of different backgrounds will perform more efficiently, and the number limit of administrative staff will allow more members to take part in every activity.

Shi Mengzhuo joined the club for her dream of starting up her business, and she claims that the daily work of training at the club was of much help, and that the teachers were awesome.

Expanding Thinking and Transforming Practice

The KAB at Nankai University only provides consultation and information at present, but according to the administrators, they will gradually transform into a club of practice.

Just as Pan Zhuo said, KAB members have already started their own businesses, such as tutor agencies, and they are endeavoring to set up a project like cafés or innovative shops.

The entrepreneurial project is based on the university student startup base, which plays an important role in motivating entrepreneurship. However, the young entrepreneurs still have to face the problems of poor equipment, no Internet cable and no fresh water, and they hope the infrastructure could be improved and their connection with the outside world could become closer.

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