Nankai University won Two Medals in China College Students’ Entrepreneurship Competition

From November 15th to 20th , the finals of China College Students’ Entrepreneurship Competition 2016, sponsored by Central Youth Committee and Ministry of Education, was held at University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. Nankai University’s “Agricultural Dream Comes True” public-benefit entrepreneurship program and Kai De Tech. Limited Liability Company were awarded with the gold and the silver medals respectively. “Agricultural Dream Comes True” is the only program of universities in Tianjin that won the gold medal. Kai De Tech is selected as one of the seven recommending programs and will attend the road show of the competition.

Miao Chun, undergraduate of School of Economics, Nankai University, is the leader of “Agricultural Dream Comes True” Public Benefit Entrepreneurship Program. The program establishes a qualified marketing platform for overstocking agricultural products, promoting the targeted poverty alleviation for Chinese farmers. Based on Internet electronic business, the team solved the problem of overstocking goods by creating a new model that integrated online reservation with direct selling from place. At the same time, they organized activities including volunteer teaching, donation, and field research, and established reading rooms. At present, the program has already sold nearly 3 million jin (approximately 1500,000 kg) agricultural products with the sales volume over 18 million yuan, increasing the income of more than 30,000 peasant families.

Led by Chao Songlin, doctoral student of College of Chemistry, Nankai University, Kai De Tech Limited Liability Company is the first supplier of PVC catalyst technology in China that provides the plan of green reform. “Chloroethylene Mercury-free Catalyst”, a product of the company is a mercury-free catalyst produced by PVC, which can completely solve the mercury pollution problem during PVC production. With a leading technical index, wide market, and an appropriate business model, Chloroethylene Mercury-free Catalyst has been well received by judges and experts.

In addition, two programs of Nankai University, “ZheNeng Natural Education Consultant Limited Liability Company” and “Gu De Fu De – Food Safety Program” also won the bronze medals of 2016 China College Students’ Entrepreneurship Competition’s Entrepreneurship Plan Contest and Entrepreneurship Practice Challenge respectively.

After university, municipal and national election, 399 programs from 220 universities in China attended the finals, including 224 works of entrepreneurship plan, 110 works of entrepreneurship practice challenge and 65 works of public-benefit entrepreneurship competition. The works covered IT, E-business, Agriculture, Biological Medicine, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, Engineering, Environmental Science, Culture, Public Benefit and other areas.

Reported by Wang Xiuyan, Ma Yingying, Zhao Yuanyuan

Translated by Shi Yuchen

Proofread by Ada Yan

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