The Festival of University Student Pioneering Opened

The Festival of University Student Pioneering Opened

On July 3rdand 4th, the first festival of university student innovation and pioneering with the theme of “young dreamer” was held in Nankai University. The festival exhibited the excellent work of the 13th Challenge-cup Extracurricular and Academic Contest among university students in Tianjin.

Zhu Liping, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Tianjin Municipal Committee, Du Huiliang, director of the school department of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, relevant personnel in the Communist Youth League Tianjin municipal Party committee, the Civic Students' Union and Yang Kexin, vice chairwoman of the Nankai University Council, attended the opening ceremony.

Zhu Liping congratulated the festival opening on behalf of the Municipal Committee and the government, and pointed out that the economic driving force is transitioning to innovation, thus promoting innovation and pioneering is a long-term development plan made by the State Council. National and municipal governments have paid the highest attention and implemented the strongest measures to promote college students’ innovation and pioneering.

Zhu Liping urged the building of lost-cost, convenient, all-equipped and open “all-innovation spaces” in all Tianjin colleges by the end of 2016, in order to provide one-stop service for college students’ innovation and pioneering, and focusing on cultivating students’ innovative spirit and culture.

Secretary of Communist Youth League Tianjin municipal Party committee Xu Gang stated that the festival of university student innovation and pioneering would exhibit the outstanding pioneering projects from theChallenge-cup and of young college teachers and students. A number of well-known investors would be invited to help the college startup businesses to meet the actual market needs.

Yang Kexin said that Nankai University emphasized the cultivation of students’ innovative spirit and abilities as well as social responsibility, resulting in the emergence of innovative entrepreneurs with responsibility and abilities, such as Guo Xin Tang Minglei and over 100 projects like those of Mr. Chuang. These could show the mutual benefits of knowledge and practice.

At the opening ceremony, the university students’ scientific and technological achievements incubation center in Tianjin and the students’ culture creativity development center officially opened. The WeChat discussion group named “small tribe of pioneers” of entrepreneurship lovers opened to the public at the same time. Meanwhile, the first “loving adventure” students pioneer training camp of “young dreamers” in Tianjin opened officially.

The first Tianjin college youth innovation bidding conference held during the opening ceremony saw the “project flash mob” of students from Nankai University, Tianjin Polytechnic University and Tianjin University of Science & Technology, where groups gave one-minute presentations of each of their innovation projects to compete for bids.

The innovation and pioneering festival introduced well-functioned and high credit rating incubators and pioneer parks to help college entrepreneurs to get in touch with high-quality social resources. Non-interest microcredit and rental allowance were brought on site to offer college students’ innovation and pioneering convenient and free services.

Five theme zones were set on site: “Challenge-Cup” zone exhibited over 100 Outstanding Award and First Award works from the13th Challenge-cup Extracurricular and Academic Contest; “Talents Gathering” zone showed nearly 200 college innovation and pioneering projects; “Innovation Compass” zone recruited for “small tribe of pioneers” and offered practical help; “Innovation Assembly” zone showed the results of “loving adventure” students pioneer training camp of “young dreamer” and college students’ entrepreneurs sharing groups like “Chasing dreams” and “To fight is to blossom”. “Friend Circle” zone provided exhibiting places for innovation results and room for negotiations between entrepreneurs and investors.

In addition, the festival also invited innovation guides like Tiger and Dai Zheng to give lessons to Tianjin college innovation pioneers.

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