Nankai University’s Entrepreneurship Team Achieved Excellent Results in the 2nd China “Internet +” Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest

The 2nd China “Internet +” Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest was recently held at Huazhong University of Science and Technology. The Public Benefit Entrepreneurship Program “Agricultural Dream Comes True” and the Science Popularization Team “Nan Qian” of Nankai University competed with 120,000 teams from more than 2,000 Chinese universities and achieved excellent results. They respectively won a silver medal and a bronze medal: the best result among Tianjin representative teams.

Miao Chun, an undergraduate student at Nankai University’s School of Economics, is the Director of the Public Benefit Entrepreneurship Program “Agricultural Dream Comes True”. The program is the first social e-business platform focused on agriculture in China. It is aimed at helping the rural villages, promoting targeted anti-poverty measures and improving Chinese peasants’ life. The Public Benefit Entrepreneurship Program “Agricultural Dream Comes True” developed an e-commerce which sells directly the products of the farmers, solving the problems connected to the excessive supply of agricultural products. At the same time, they also organized many activities: volunteer projects, fundraisings, “Nankai Reading Rooms”, and other public activities for the farmers. At present, “Agricultural Dream Comes True” has already sold nearly 1 million kilos of agricultural products: the profits reached up to more than 18 million RMB. The members of the team used the money to help more than 30,000 peasant families.

Zhang Jiaqing, a Ph.D. student at Nankai University’s College of Life Sciences is the President of “Nan Qian Studio”. The team includes undergraduates, master’s students, and Ph.D. students from Nankai University, Beijing Normal University, and other eight universities. “Nan Qian Studio” is a platform for the popularization of courses in Natural Sciences. It comprehensively combines on- and off-line activities, as science popularization projects, classes, scientific experiences, and creative programs. “Nan Qian Studio” cooperates with more than 20 organizations, including “Academy of Agricultural Sciences” and “Shi Guang Nankai”. Its main tasks include: organization of science courses inside primary schools, middle schools, and neighborhoods; donation of scientific complete or partial sets to teenagers, parents, and kids; exploration of scientific resources aimed at establishing practical scientific basis; use of the resources offered by the courses to start businesses; a mix of scientific consciousness, technical products, and online platforms to create innovative creations, as scientific books, creative laboratories, and so on.

The China “Internet +” Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest aims at creating a reform inside higher education, arousing the creativity of the students, promoting the new format “Internet +”, and leading the students to start high-quality businesses. After a fierce contest, experts and judges selected the top projects among a large number of programs: the participants were awarded 36 gold medals, 115 silver medals, and 4 “Individual Prizes”. In 2017, the contest will be organized by Xidian University.

Reported by Huang Mengdi, Wang Xiuyan

Photographed by Ma Yingying

Translated by Shi Yuchen

Proofread by Letizia Vallini

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