President Gong Ke visited Three British Universities 2016.06.21

June 14th-16th, Nankai University’s President Gong Ke visited three British universities: University of Strathclyde, University of Glasgow, and University of Birmingham.

June 14th, President Gong Ke visited University of Strathclyde, where he had the chance to meet Principal and Vice-Chancellor Prof. Jim McDonald. Principal McDonald introduced President Gong to the general situation of University of Strathclyde, especially the prominent features in the fields of engineering and MBA education, hoping to have the chance to cooperate with Nankai University. President Gong explained Nankai University’s academic strengths and the direction of the international development, hoping to promote cooperation and exchanges in areas of common interest with University of Strathclyde. Gong Ke also invited University of Strathclyde’s Principal to visit Nankai University next September, and Mr. McDonald happily accepted the invitation.

June 15th, President Gong Ke visited University of Glasgow, taking part in the 565th anniversary of the establishment of the University, and receiving an honorary degree. During the visit, Gong Ke met Principal Anton Muscatelli. The two leaders spoke about the Confucius Institute co-built by the two universities, and Nankai University-University of Glasgow Joint Graduate School, deciding to further deepening cooperation. Nankai University’s President and Principal Muscatelli signed a Framework Cooperation Agreement and a Student Exchange Agreement, increasing the number of students who can freely take part in the exchange project from 4 to 10 each year. President Gong Ke also had the chance to visit the Confucius Institute co-built by the two universities, paying a cordial visit to Nankai University’s teachers, volunteers, and local alumni who work and assist there.

June 16th, President Gong Ke visited University of Birmingham, warmly welcomed by the Pro-Vice Chancellor for International Affairs Robin Mason, and the Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor for China Affairs Jon Frampton. The two universities signed a Framework Cooperation Agreement, and suggested to set up working groups as soon as possible to the fully implement the agreement. The leaders of the two universities endorsed the collaboration in the field of economics, deciding to expand the cooperation to other areas: environment, chemistry, mathematics, life sciences, and other disciplines will be a new start-point. The two universities will also carry out mutual teachers exchange, student exchange, joint research, and will explore the possibility of a doctoral program, and undergraduate programs “2 + 2” and “3 + 2”. President Gong invited University of Birmingham to send a delegation to visit Nankai University in October this year. Gong Ke also visited the 15 Nankai’s students and teachers who are studying at University of Birmingham, discussing with them about student training, exchange projects, and other issues.

The web sites of the three universities are:
University of Strathclyde: 
University of Glasgow: 
University of Birmingham:

Reported by Gao Haiyan
Translated by Letizia Vallini
Edited by Cecilia Yang

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