President Gong Ke received University of Glasgow’s Honorary Degree 2016.06.21

June 15th, to celebrate the 565th anniversary of the establishment of the University of Glasgow, the University held an Honorary Doctoral Degree Conferment Ceremony. Nankai University’s President Gong Ke was one of the many guests to receive an honorary degree.

University of Glasgow’s Principal Anton Muscatelli introduced President Gong to the audience, empathizing Gong Ke’s outstanding contributions in many different academic fields, the excellent results he obtained in the important academic institutions he worked in, as well as the well-known excellence of Nankai University. President Gong played a unique role in the promotion of the comprehensive partnership between Nankai University and University of Glasgow. Sir Kenneth C. Kalman, Chancellor of University of Glasgow, presented President Gong with the honorary degree.

The Honorary Doctoral Degree Conferment Ceremony for the 565th anniversary of the establishment of University of Glasgow has been an important event. This year, University of Glasgow conferred a total of 12 Honorary Doctoral Degrees to the 1996 Nobel laureate in economics James Mirrlees, and other 11 celebrities and alumni from all around the world.

Glasgow University was founded in 1451, and it is one of the oldest four universities in the UK. Since Nankai University and the University of Glasgow signed a Cooperation Agreement in December 2007, the cooperation between the two universities has become closer and closer. Student exchange, scientific research, and teacher exchange are some of the most frequent and successful projects the universities co-founded. The Confucius Institute at University of Glasgow, co-built by the two universities, was officially inaugurated in 2011. In 2013, the universities jointly created Nankai University’s major “Urban Management”, recruiting the first batch of undergraduate students. In 2015, thanks to the support of the British and Chinese Governments, the two universities projected and built the Joint Graduate School, to cultivate Nankai University and University of Glasgow’s outstanding graduate students.

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Reported by Gao Haiyan
Translated by Letizia Vallini
Edited by Cecilia Yang

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