A Farewell Kiss to Nankai is Not a Goodbye

An Artistic Performance to Say Goodbye to the 2016 Graduates was held at Nankai University


The end of June is Nankai University’s graduation period: the 2016 graduates are about to leave Nankai University and enter the society. The artistic performance for the 2016 graduates titled “A Farewell Kiss to Nankai is not A Goodbye” was held at the sports center of Balitai Campus in the afternoon of June 25th. Thousands of students enjoyed their “graduation carnival”.


President Gong Ke composed a poem to encourage the graduates:
“Hundreds of year created a new age,
Becoming an innovative country is the final aim.
The past scholars would be pleased with the achievements we made,
Our ode to justice and ability shall be heard everywhere.”
The poem inspired the graduates, who are ready to travel around the world and spread Nankai University’s spirit of justice and ability.
The artistic performance started after the introduction of colleges and schools.

Songs and dances like “Bless My Motherland”, “Hearing the Sound of the Falling Rain”, “Time to say Goodbye”, and “Hua Mulan” fully showed graduates’ deep love to China and Nankai University, and their unwillingness to leave the university. 

This is the second edition of Nankai University’s activity “I want to participate in the Graduation Party” which solicits performances from the whole university. Thirty performances were chosen: only the outstanding shows were put on stage. 

Nankai University always pays great attention to the scientific management and the cultural development of students’ dormitories, trying to make them as elegant and comfortable as possible. This year’s graduation performances also had the dormitories as main protagonists. Four students of Zhou Enlai School of Government, roommates at the Feng Xiaoxuan dormitory, sang the song “The lesser Fortune”. After the graduation, they are going to further their studies in four international universities, such as London School of Economics and Political Science (UK), Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), and others. 
Twelve students of the School of Physics, six girls and six boys, sang the song “Don’t Say Goodbye” to express their special love to Nankai University. After the graduation, they are going to further their studies in famous national and international universities, as for example Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Southern California, Tsinghua University, and Peking University.
In order to let more students enjoy the pleasure of sports, Nankai University actively promoted many extra-curricular sport activities. The rope skipping class was established for the first time this year, as well as many other spots and after-class activities. The teachers and students who attended the extra-curricular sport activities gave many performances: cheerleading, international ballroom dance, and others. The graduates will leave the university with healthy bodies.

In graduates’ eyes, the relationship between Nankai and its students is full of emotions, so many students decided not to leave the university after the graduation. During the graduation party, the master’s degree student Wang Yihan, who studied at Nankai for seven years, sang the song “The Story of the Late Summer”, and the PhD student Wen Shuo, who studied at the university for ten years, sang the song “Time of friendship”. It’s worth mentioning that both lyric and melody of the song “The story of the late summer” were written by Wang Yihan himself. While he was singing the song, his photographic works and paintings were shown on the big screen.

A “Wechat Wall” was set in the sports center during the graduation party. The audience actively sent messages to support the performances. The students who couldn’t attend the show had the possibility to watch the rerun on Nankai University’s MicroBlog.

“On the coast of the Bohai Sea, Tianjin is placed on the bank of the Haihe River. High in the blue sky, the spirit of Nankai reverberates over and over...” The solemn school anthem marked the end of the graduation party for the 2016 students.

Representative students from all colleges and schools appeared on the stage and shared their feelings: “Let’s stay together after the graduation”, “I met the best people at Nankai”, “Let’s spread Nankai’s spirits of justice and ability”, “Forever young, Nankai!” Using these touching words, the graduates will travel around the world and enjoy a promising future.

Reported by Nie Jici
Photographs by Ren Yonghua, Nie Jici
Translated by Fu Feifei
Proofread by Letizia Vallini

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