Nankai University received a Donation of 100 Million Yuan from the Alumni

It is the Biggest Donation among All Alumni Donations since the Foundation of the University


October 16th, Nankai University received a one-hundred-million donation from the alumni, which is the biggest donation among all alumni donations since the foundation of the University 97 years ago.

In the donation ceremony, Zhou Haibing, Gong Ke, Zhu Guanglei, who were on behalf of donators, Nankai University, and Nankai University Education Foundation respectively, signed “the Agreement of Alumni Zhou Haibing and Hou Ying’s Donation to Nankai University”, “the Agreement of Establishment of Nankai University’s ‘Zhi De’ Foundation” and “the Agreement of Alumni Zhou Haibing and Hou Ying’s Support of Nankai University’s Campus Construction”.

Nankai University’s President Gong Ke accepted the one-hundred-million donation check on behalf of Nankai University and awarded a commemorative medal and a certificate of donation to the alumnus Zhou Haibing.

Gong Ke said, “At the beginning of the foundation, almost all buildings on Nankai campus were built with donation. The founder President Zhang Boling realized his life value through the glorious career, promoting education for the purpose of reviving the nation. Today, the alumni Zhou Haibing and Hou Ying connect their personal development with Nankai’s, expressing their sincere gratitude and love to the alma mater. This sets a model for the whole society and transmits positive power. The university will provide better development platform for students and impress them with beautiful memory on campus.”

Xue Jinwen, President of Nankai Alumni Association and President of Nankai University Education Foundation, sent an oil painting “Nankai University’s Great Lecture Hall”, designed by “Shi Guang Nankai”, a Nankai University’s student entrepreneurship team, to Zhou Haibing to express the gratitude of the whole school.

This donation is the biggest donation among all alumni donations since the foundation of the University 97 years ago. It will be used to establish a building for preservation and presentation of Nankai’s history and culture as well as university’s educational, scientific and technological, and cultural communications. Moreover, part of the donation will serve as permanent endowment fund to establish the Nankai University “Zhi De” Foundation, support the development and construction of student scholarship, faculty introduction, and academic exchange for Nankai University’s School of Mathematical Sciences, School of Finance, College of Foreign Languages, Chern Institute of Mathematics and Institute of State Economy.

Zhou Haibing is the alumnus of School of Mathematical Sciences (1988), Nankai University. In 1992, he obtained the dual degree in Mathematics and Insurance. He then entered the Institute of State Economy and studied as a student of Prof. Xian Guoming. In 2005, he obtained the doctoral degree in Economy in Nankai University. Now he is the President of Qian Tong Technological Industrial Limited and CSO of Great Numbers of Beijing Changsheng Asset Management Limited, focusing on investment. Hou Ying is the alumnus of College of Foreign Languages (1988). She worked in China National Coal Group Corporation and Lian Zhong Groups. Since 2006, she has been working on charity.

Source: China News Service

Reported and Photographs by Zhang Daozheng

Translated by Shi Yuchen

Proofread by Yan Ruoyan

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