1. Historical Evolution

Since its official establishment in 1993, The College of Chinese Language and Culture (Nankai University, Tianjin, China) has been focused on professional education of teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages. To explore new models of international cooperative education, we have committed ourselves to extensive international exchanges. At present, we have already successfully cooperated with the University of Minnesota, Aichi University, the University of Montreal and the University of Utah to create the Nankai-Minnesota, Nankai-Aichi, Nankai-Montreal and Nankai-Utah teaching models. Under these models, we have provided high-quality Chinese language and culture services to overseas individuals and groups who have obtained a chance to study in China. We have continued to bring our Chinese language and culture teaching to foreign students into the 21st century,establishing the Department of Teaching Chinese as A Foreign Language (now known as the Department of Chinese International Education) for Chinese students, implementing a bachelor’s program for teaching Chinese as a foreign language (now known as Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages), and master’s programs in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Chinese Philology, and Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages all against the background of flourishing developments in international Chinese language education. These three majors, together with the Chinese Language and Literature major offered under the Overseas Students Department, have become pillars of our academic education. In this way, our college has developed from its original focus on Chinese language teaching to overseas students to a department where overseas students and Chinese students, teaching and research, and undergraduate and postgraduate education are all paid equal attention to. We have not only contributed to the education of overseas students at Nankai University, but also cultivated many specialized persons in Chinese international education. 

2. Current situation

The College of Chinese Language and Culture is one of 30 colleges at Nankai University. Our college offers Chinese language and culture courses to foreign students at various levels and course lengths. At the same time, it fosters the growth of new Chinese language academic faculty and produces educators who will teach Chinese as a foreign language in the future. At our college, there is one undergraduate first-level discipline “Chinese Language and Literature” which is shared with the School of Literature, and two second-level disciplines, “Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages,” which aims to train Chinese undergraduates, and “Chinese Language,” which aims to train foreign students. For graduate students, we offer “Linguistics and Applied Linguistics”, “Chinese Philology,” and “Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages”. 

Our college has a faculty well balanced in age and specialties, equipped with excellent academic capability and creative spirit. Presently there are 60 faculty members in the college, including 9 professors, 26 associate professors, 12 lecturers and 13 other staff, 35 of which have doctoral degrees and one more pursing her Ph.D. degree. They are professional teachers and researchers in many fields. Among them, professor Wang Lixin, the faculty director, is the vice president of the Chinese Higher Education Association’s Specialized Committee for Foreign Literature, president of the Tianjin Foreign Literature Association, director of the Chinese Oriental Literature Society, a committee member for the MTCSOL Content Advisory Committee, and a distinguished scholar in the fields of Comparative Literature and World Literature. Professor Lu Fubo, dean of undergraduates, is a director of the International Society for Chinese Language Teaching, vice president of the Tianjin International Society for Chinese Language Teaching, and a member of the editorial board for Nankai Linguistics. Professor Lu has also been the recipient of the prize for excellent teachers of Chinese as a foreign language sponsored by the Chinese National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, and is an esteemed professor at Nankai University. 

Our college possesses advanced equipment for teaching and scientific research. Multimedia teaching methods and computer assisted instruction software are used in the classroom, which obtain favorable results. In addition, we have micro-video classrooms, a phonetics lab, and an HSK test center, as well as books, reference materials, and a resource database, which ensure further research developments well into the future. 

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