1. Historical Evolution

The discipline of Foreign Language and Literature, with a history of nearly a century, is among the longest-standing disciplines of Nankai University.The College of Foreign Languages (CFL) consists of several departments and research centers: the Department of English Language and Literature, the Department of Japanese Language and Literature, the Department of Western Languages and Literature (Russian, German, French and Spanish), the Department of Translation and Interpretation, the Department of General English, Language Research Institute of Nankai University ,Translation Research Center, British and American Literature Research Center, Japanese Literature Research Center, Russian Literature Research Center, and MTI Education Center of Nankai University. 

2. Current Situation

The college offers undergraduate programs in seven majors: English, Japanese, Russian, German, French, Spanish, and Translation. Among them, English major has been designated by the Ministry of Education for construction into a characteristic major; College English has been ranked as a national excellent course. Now, the discipline “Foreign Language and Literature” is a key first-level discipline in Tianjin City. The college has a mobile postdoctoral station in the discipline of foreign language and literature. CFL is also authorized to grant doctoral degrees in foreign language and literature, with four secondary-level doctoral programs in English language and literature, Russian language and literature, Japanese language and literature, and foreign linguistics and applied linguistics. CFL also has a professional degree program covering English translation, English interpretation, Japanese translation and Japanese interpretation.

The research areas for the recruited scholars range from English language and literature (English linguistics, British and American literature, English-Chinese translation, cross-cultural communication), Japanese language and literature (Japanese linguistics, Japanese-Chinese translation), Russian language and literature (Russian literature, Russian linguistics), Spanish language and literature, French language and literature, German language and literature, foreign linguistics and applied linguistics (phonetics, phonology, syntax, semantics, computational linguistics).

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