1. Historical Evolution

School of Literature, Nankai University is a comprehensive college that covers two fields of disciplines, Literature and Art, including five primary disciplines, Chinese Literature, Journalism and Communication, Design, Fine Arts and Artistic Theory. The school has the authority to offer doctorate degrees in 11 subordinate disciplines which are Ancient Chinese Literature, Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature, Comparative Literature and World Literature, Theory of Literature and Art, Chinese Classical Philology, Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Chinese Characters Studies, Chinese Ethnic Language and Literature (as well as master’s degrees all above) and Chinese Literature Intellectual History (self-established). Furthermore, the school also offers academic master’s degrees in Fine Arts, Design, Art Theory, and Journalism and Communication and professional master’s degrees in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, Design, Journalism and Communication, Publishing etc. The majors for undergraduates are Chinese Language and Literature, Editing and Publishing, Television Broadcasting, Visual Communication Design, Environmental Design and Painting. In 2001, our school founded the Chinese Language and Literature Post-doctoral Research Station, recruiting Post-doctoral cooperative researchers in all subordinate disciplines, which has been consistently awarded as 'National Outstanding Station of Post-doctoral Research' for 2005 and 2010. 

2. Current Situation

The school of literature has the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Department of Oriental Art, Department of Communication, Department of Art Design, The Department of Cultural Quality Education, Center for Chinese Education Studies, Center for Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, and the Institute of Chinese Classical Culture Studies, Institute of Language Studies, Center for Gender and Development Studies (Tianjin Municipal Primary Research Base), Institute of City Culture Studies, Center for Religion and Culture Studies, Center for Cao Yu and Chinese Drama Studies, Center for Chinese Philology Studies, Center for Lexicology and Lexicography Studies, Center for Comparative Linguistics Studies, Center for Visual Art Studies and Center for Digital Chinese Painting Creation and Studies. The school’s Experimental Teaching Center of Arts has received the awards of “Tianjin Municipal Outstanding Experimental Teaching Laboratory” and “National Demonstration Center of Experimental Teaching”. Among the 103 faculty members currently in office at the School of Literature, Nankai University, there are 43 professors (including 32 doctoral supervisors) and 37 associate professors. Within them there are 2 distinguished professors and 1 chair professor of “Cheung Kong Scholars”, 2 scholars of “Trans-Century Training Program for the Talents of Humanities and Social Science” and 8 scholars of “Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University” that appointed by The Ministry of Education.

The advantage disciplines of the School of Literature Nankai University are Ancient Chinese Literature (State level key discipline), and Linguistics and Applied Linguistics. In the field of Ancient Chinese Literature, there are many senior professors, such as Ye Jiaying, Luo Zongqiang, Sun Changwu and Li Jianguo; Cheng Hong, Director of Academic Committee of the School, the winner of the National Teaching Masters Award and the title of 'Tianjin municipal government authorized expert', is also the Chairman of the Ministry of Education's Chinese Subject Teaching Guidance Committee. and two distinguished professors of 'Cheung Kong Scholars Program', Zhang Yi and Zha Hongde. In the field of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics (State level key disciplines to cultivate), the academic leaders are Shi Feng, Zeng Xiaoming and Zhang Hongming who is the chair professor of 'Cheung Kong Scholars Program'.

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