1.Historical Evolution

School of Mathematical Sciences (SMS) of Nankai University, formerly known as the Department of Mathematics, was founded in 1920 by Mr. Jiang Lifu, one of the earliest and most successful pioneers of modern mathematics. It was the second Department of Mathematics (the arithmetic department) at that time in China. In May 1997, we established the SMS on the base of the Department of Mathematics. Since the establishment of Department of Mathematics, during the past 90 years, Nankai Mathematics has achieved remarkable performances in teaching, research and talents cultivation. Shiing-Shen Chern, Jiang Zehan are the excellent representatives of outstanding mathematical talents. Thanks to the painstaking efforts and hard work of several generations, Nankai Mathematics has became one of the important Mathematics center at home and abroad.

2.Current Situation

Nankai Mathematics is the first- level discipline. There are three second-level disciplines, namely Basic Mathematics, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics and Applied Mathematics. Among them, Basic Mathematics, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics are the traditional and superior disciplines. SMS have PhD programs in mathematics and statistics, and owned a post-doctoral research station. We enroll graduate students in six second disciplines, such as Basic Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Economics and Bioinformatics, and one first- level discipline, Statistics.

SMS has a knowledgeable and rigorous academic team in a wide range of research fields. We have 69 full-time teachers, including 26 professors, 29 associate professors and 14 lecturers. Among them, one was enrolled in ‘The Recruitment Program of Global Youth Experts in National level’, one was enrolled in ‘The Recruitment Program of Global Youth Experts in Tianjin level’, one is the winner of ‘The National Outstanding Youth Science Fund’, six teachers were enrolled in ‘Ministry of Education in the New Century Excellent Talents Support Plan’, and one was awarded as ‘National Prestigious Teacher’. In addition, we have 5 chair Professors, one of which is enrolled in ‘Short-time Project of The Recruitment Program of Global Experts and Innovative Talents in Tianjin level’. 

3. Well-known Majors and Experts

Analysis mathematics

The analysis mathematical group has a knowledgeable and promising academic team including 6 professors and 10 associate professors. They are young and middle-aged mathematicians and active in their research fields. Their research fields include Functional Analysis, Nonlinear Analysis, Harmonic Analysis and Wavelet Analysis, Dynamical systems, Differential Equations(included ODE and PDE), Mathematical Logic. 

Academic leader of the Research group on Analysis Mathematics --Professor Chungen Liu

Professor Chungen Liu is director of the analysis mathematical group in the Mathematical Science School of Nankai University. His interesting research fields include the following directions:nonlinear Hamiltonian systems, symplectic geometry and symplectic topology, boundary problems of differential equations, and the multiplicity of closed geodesics on Riemannian and Finsler manifolds. In the past ten years, he has obtained some important results in the multiplicity of closed characteristics and brake orbits on convex energy hyper-surfaces, in minimal period problems of nonlinear Hamiltonian systems, and in the degenerate Arnold conjecture. Recently, he together with a colleague established the iteration L-index theory and proved the famous Seifert conjecture under the symmetric convex conditions. He gained the award of “National Excellent 100 Doctoral Dissertation” and was the winner of the “Zhong-Jiaqing Mathematical Prize”. As a member of a research group, he was the winner of National Ministry of Education Prize for Natural Sciences(first class) and National Prize for Natural Sciences(second class).

Pure Mathematics-Research group on Algebra, Geometry and Topology

There are 13 members in the research group on Algebra, Geometry and Topology. The main research fields of the members include Abstract Algebras, Lie Algebras and Quantum Groups, Representation of Lie Groups, Lie Groups and Riemann-Finsler Geometry, Geometric Analysis, Algebraic and Differential Topology. In recent years, the members of the group have obtained a series of important results in their research and published a large number of research articles in distinguished mathematical journals, including Advances in Mathematics, Crelle’s Journal, American J. Math., Topology, Math. Z. etc.

Academic leader of the Research group on Algebra, Geometry and Topology --Professor Shaoqiang Deng

The chair of the group is Professor Shaoqiang Deng, whose fields are Lie groups, Lie Algebras and Differential Geometry. In recent years, Professor Deng applies the Lie group theory to the study of Finsler geometry and makes many fundamental contributions to this field. Up to now, he has published more than 50 articles in mathematical journal including Advances in Math., Crelle’s Journal, Math. Z., ect. In 2012, Professor Deng published a monograph with the title “Homogeneous Finsler Spaces” in the distinguished series Springer Monographs in Mathematics.

Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics

Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics is the traditional and superior discipline in SMS. There is a young and middle-aged academic team in this group including 19 regular faculties. Members of this group are active in the academic frontier including Markov Processes, Stochastic Processes in Lie Algebra, Branching Processes and Super Processes, Stochastic Partial Differential Equations, Stochastic Control and Insurance Risks, Cryptography and Coding Theory, Statistics of Random Processes, Financial Engineering,Bioinformatics etc. The group has had a strong link with international universities and institutions for academic collaborations. In the last three decades, there have been a large number of PhD students and Master Students graduated from Nankai University supervised by this group.

Academic leader of the Research group on Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics -- Professor Junyi Guo

Professor Junyi Guo’s research fields include stochastic processes and their applications in insurance and finance. In recent twenty years, he has made a remarkable contribution in his research of super processes, ruin problems in insurance risk theory, optimal control of reinsurance, dividends and investment. More than fifty excellent papers were published in various esteemed academic journals. His research was supported consecutively by NNSF of China, 973 key project and European Union’s Seventh Framework Program. Quite a few excellent Ph.D. students supervised by him have had their great achievements. Professor Guo is now the director of Tianjin Mathematical Society, vice director of Chinese Society of Probability and Statistics and associate editor of several academic journals such as “Insurance: Mathematics and Economics”

Academic leader of the Research group on Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics -- Professor Yongjin Wang

Yongjin Wang, Professor of Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics and Professor of Financial Engineering.His research fields are on the Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes, and Financial Engineering and Financial Econometrics. Last two decades, he has published more than 30 academic articles in the refereed international Mathematics and Probability Journals. And he also has published more than 10 academic articles on Finance Researches in the international Quantitative Finance and Economic Journals. He ever visited the Fields Institute, UBC, Carleton University in Canada, University of Melbourne in Australia, and University of Manchester, Oxford University and LSE in UK for academic collaborations. His researches have successively received the grants support from The Key grant of The Ministry of Education, NSF China, and so on.

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