1. Historical Evolution

The School of Medicine, Nankai University, is located in the building of Si Yuan Tang which has the longest history in Nankai University. As early as more than 60 years ago, Mr. Zhang Boling, Nankai University's first President, put forward the idea of establishing a school of medicine, and established medical preparatory class and preparatory office of the School of Medicine.

Around 1988, several seminars were held on Nankai campus for discussing how to combine the science and medicine. The experts attended in the seminars agreed on setting up 7-year-program medical major with the feature of small-scale but excellent, in order to train new-type senior medical talents with good qualities both in liberal arts and science for our country.

In the year of 1988, the preparatory team of the School of Medicine was founded;

In the year of 1989, the first group of students enrolled at the School of Medicine;

On October 16, 1993, the School of Medicine, Nankai University was formally established.

After 20 years' school-running practice and trial, the School of Medicine accumulated abundant education resource and high-level medical education school-running experience, gradually formed advantages and characteristics of medical education in a comprehensive university, and became the cradle for training senior medical talents.

The School of Medicine aims to develop senior medical talents with noble medical ethics, a broad scope of basic knowledge of liberal arts and natural science, solidmedical basic theories and skilled professional practical ability, especially with the capability to educate themselves in their whole lives.The School of Medicine is now composed of Clinical Medicine Faculty and Stomatological Medicine Faculty. At present, it has 1 clinical medicine First Grade Discipline doctoral program, 4 First Grade Discipline master programs, and 2 professional master programs. There are a total of757 students studying in our school.

The School of Medicine adopts the joint cooperative education system, runs school jointly with many hospitals and medical institutes, including Chinese PLA General Hospital, Chinese PLA No.254 Hospital, Tianjin First Center Hospital, Tianjin Children's Hospital, Tianjin People's Hospital, and Tianjin Stomatological Hospital. We develop all-round cooperation with them in the fields of talent training, academic discipline construction, teaching and scientific research, strengthen senior talent training, carry out high-level scientific research, and make efforts to set up international first-class medical talent training base.

2. Current Situation

At present, there are 49 teachers in the School of Medicine, including 12 professors (9 doctoral mentors and 1 Chang Jiang Scholar included), 20 associate professors, and 17 lecturers. Among them, 47 teachers have obtained doctorates, and 30 teachers have had experience of studying or doing researches abroad. Besides, we have invited 196 experts from cooperative hospitals and institutes as full-time teachers to take charge of clinical teaching.

The School of Medicine has good teaching conditions, and boasts modern multi-media classrooms and medical experiment teaching center. The area of exclusive-use school building is 3,952 square meters, and the total area of five comprehensive preclinical medicine teaching laboratories is 860 square meters. The School of Medicine purchased a batch of large-scale instruments and equipment by making good use of the funds awarded by the second phase of "985 project", carried out laboratory construction and reform actively, and set up the public experimental platform.In 2013, the preclinical medicine experiment center of the School of Medicine was approved as "Institution to be constructed as Tianjin Regular University Experiment Teaching Demonstration Center".

In recent years, with increasing talent introduction plan, a group of domestic and overseas excellent medical elites have joined the School of Medicine, which makes our school achieve great changes in teaching and researches by leaps and bounds. At present, we have one "973 project" chief scientist, four teachers who have been selected as "New Century Excellent Talents Support Program" by Ministry of Education, and three persons who have succeeded in applying Tianjin "Young Overseas High-level Talents Introduction Program". From 2011 to 2013, the School of Medicine undertook 37 national and Tianjin scientific research projects, with accumulative total funds of over 40 million yuan, and eighty-one papers were indexedby SCI.

The School of Medicine attaches great importance to academic exchanges and cooperation with foreign universities and scientific research institutes, regularly invites domestic and overseas medical experts to visit our school and give lectures, and develops high-level cooperative research and academic exchanges.

The second phase of Jinnan new campus of Nankai University will be completed in 2015, after which fourteen schools and faculties will firstly move into new campus, and the School of Medicine is one of them. The area of new teaching building reaches 15,000 square meters. Besides, it will be equipped with animal and anatomy center.New campus will provide greater development space for the School of Medicine, and our school will seize this precious opportunity by basing on the platform of comprehensive research university and make every effort to build the School of Medicine into a first-class well-known school both at home and abroad.

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