College of Pharmacy is a young member on the historic campus of Nankai University. In 2003, the 84-year-old Nankai University prepared to setup a new undergraduate program of medchem. This conception was motivated by Chinese national development strategy which specified the urgency and significance to develop pharmaceutical industry in China in 21st century. Being well supported by Nankai’s profound accumulation and solid strength in fundamental natural sciences, Department of Medchem within College of Chemistry was founded on Oct. 20th 2005, and started to enroll undergraduates in the same year. On Mar. 15th 2007, this department was isolated from College of Chemistry to become College of Pharmacy.

Rapid growth has been achieved in the past few years. Currently, there are 64 employees in College of Pharmacy, including 14 professors, 16 associate professors and 16 assistant professors. Some eminent professors are bestowed with honorable titles, including one national Chang-Jiang scholar, three winners of Chinese-Recruitment-Program-of-Global-Experts, one Chief-Scientist of a Chinese 973-Program, three national New-Century scholars, one Tianjin-Specially-Appointed professor, and three winners of Tianjin-Recruitment-Program-of-Global-Experts. College now offers two joint Ph.D. programs in chemical biology and microbiology, three M.S. programs in medchem, microbiology and biochemical pharmacy, one B.S.program in pharmacy, as well as an M.A. program in pharmaceutical engineering. College was conferred with Tianjin Key Laboratory in Molecular Drug Research in 2009, and was conferred with State Key Lab oratory in Medicinal Chemical Biology in 2011. Consistent efforts have being endeavored in college construction so that College of Pharmacy in Nankai can eventually cover all major disciplines in pharmacy.

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