The Faculty of Philosophy at Nankai University (located in Tianjin) is one of the important teaching and research units in Nankai University. As one of the oldest disciplines at Nankai University, philosophy has been the fundamental subject since the establishment of Nankai University in 1919. Some famous Chinese philosophers, such as Tang Yongtong, Feng Wenqian, worked for the institute in its early time, and laid the basis for its later development. Since the reform and opening-up in China, the Faculty of Philosophy at Nankai University grew faster, with a number of famous scholars emerging in the front line of China’s philosophical circle. The research areas, including Neo-Confucian studies (Fang Keli), ancient spiritual system (Liu Wenying), ancient Chinese logic (Cui Qingtian),Western philosophy (Che Mingzhou and Mao Conghu), Social and political philosophy (Chen Yanqing), attracted academic concerns within mainland China and abroad. 

The Faculty of Philosophy, approved, in 1994, by Ministry of education as the national base for personnel training and scientific research, is one of the leading philosophical research and teaching organizations in China. We can offer degrees from bachelor to doctoral in the discipline of philosophy. Currently, we have the total enrollments of 417 students, including 224 undergraduate students, 86 master's candidates, and 107 doctoral candidates. The faculty of philosophy has eight teaching and research sections, including the Philosophy of Marxism, Chinese Philosophy, Foreign Philosophies, Logics, Ethics, Aesthetics, Religious Studies, and Philosophy of Science and Technology. In political philosophy, logics and cognitive science(especially in the history of ancient chinese logic), we have established competitive and stable research teams, undertaking national-level research projects, publishing high-level research papers and articles, and have won a great number of research awards. 

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