1.Historical Evolution

School of Physics can date back to the Department of Physics founded in 1919, which has the longest history at Nankai University. Yu-tai Rao and Ta-you Wu, the famous founders of modern Chinese physics, are the pathfinder of the School of Physics. Because of the Japanese Invasion, Nankai University was forced to move to Kunming and merged into the “Southwest Associated University” with Peking University and Tsinghua University in 1937, a lot of famous Physicists graduated from Department of Physics of “Southwest Associated University”, such as Nobel Laureates Chen-Ning Yang, Tsung-Dao Lee, and so on. After the victory of Anti-Japanese War, Nankai University was moved back to Tianjin. The Optics, Theoretical Physics and Solid state Physics, et., al., were constructed under the direction of former leaders, such as Prof. Gangfu Hu.

2. Current Situation

School of Physics can award the Ph.D degree in physics as a first-level discipline and postdoctoral mobile station in physics. Optics is the state key discipline, Physics is Tianjin Key discipline as the first-level discipline. We have the Key Laboratory of Weak Light Nonlinear Photonics crowned by Ministry of Education and Tianjin Key Laboratory of Photonic information technology and material.

School of Physics now has 133 members of faculty (including Taida Applied Physics Research Institute), among whom are 80 full time teachers, 36 other professional technology series is 36, and 17 administration staff. We have 1 academician of CAS, 3 members of Cheung Kong Scholars Program, 6 members supported by the National Foundation for Distinguished Youths, 22 members supported by Cross/New Century Talents Foundation under Ministry of Education. The number of national "one thousand people plan" and Tianjin "one thousand people plan" is 1 and 3, respectively. Based on the State Key Discipline and Ministerial level Key Laboratory, overall rearrangement and sharing of resources of 985, 211, the test plan to cultivate top students in basic discipline, the base of fostering talents in basic science, 111 engineering base of the Ministry of education and International Science and technology cooperation center of Ministry of science and technology, the system of the organic combination of teaching, scientific research and personnel training has been constructed in School of Physics. 

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