1. Historical Evolution

Founded in May, 2004, Zhou Enlai School of Government (ZSG) at Nankai University is originally from Department of Political Science and Department of Sociology, on the basis of School of Law and Political Science. Our school is the only one in China named after a state leader. ZSG has inherited and developed the academic tradition of “understanding and serving China”, insisting on talent cultivation, all-round education, discipline construction, and scientific research. Based on our academic advantages in political science and sociology and burgeoning disciplines of public administration and psychology, we focus on training qualified professionals that embrace international horizons and Chinese sensation, appreciate humanity and science, and are capable in promoting economic, social, and cultural development. We are committed to build an internationally famous first-rate school that is open, research-oriented, and internationalized. 

2. Current Situation

Zhou Enlai School of Government consists of seven departments (Department of Political Science, Department of Sociology, Department of Administrative Management, Department of Social Work and Social Policy, Department of International Relations, Department of Social Psychology and Higher Education Research Institution) and three research centers (MPA/MSW/MAP), covering five first-level disciplines of political science, sociology, ethnology, public management, and psychology. The school also comprises several non-entity organizations, including Global Issues Research Institute, Chinese Peasants Research Center, Research Center of Sociological Theories, and Career Planning Research Center, and supervises several research centers, including Joint Research Center of Chinese Government and Policy, Human Rights Research Center, Asian Research Center, Joint Social Policy Research Center of Nankai University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, International Issues Research Institute, Zhou Enlai Research Center, Ethnic Group Research Center, United States of America Research Center, Research Center of Social Investigation and Methodology, Psychology Research Center, Social Construction and Management Research Institute. 

The school covers five first-level disciplines of political science, sociology, ethnology, public management, and psychology. There are 7 undergraduate majors, 15 master majors, 9 doctorate majors, 3 first-level doctorate degree conferrable spots, 5 first-level master degree conferrable spots, 3 professional master spots (MPA/MSW/MAP), and 3 post-doctorate research programs. Theory of political science (secondary discipline) is the national key discipline and sociology (secondary discipline) is the key discipline in Tianjin. Currently there are more than 2000 students. 

Up to 2015, there are 120 teachers in ZSG, including 33 professors, 51 associate professors, and 27 assistant professors. There are 25 doctorate advisors (affiliated professors included). 98% teachers have doctorate degrees. ZSG has one distinguished professor of “Yangtze River Scholar” program, one national leading scholar in philosophy and social sciences, one receiver of National Outstanding Teacher Award, one talent scholar of the “Four First-Wave” program (academia) of national publicity and cultural system, one member of discipline evaluation group of the State Council, one finalist of national “Million Talents” program, one receiver of “Cross-Century Talent Fund” of the Ministry of Education, three members of evaluation group of the national social science foundation, five experts that receive government special support, and eleven finalists of “New Century Excellent Talent Support Program” of the Ministry of Education. 

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