Chern Institute of Mathematics

Chern Institute of Mathematics (CIM*) was founded through the initiative of the late Professor Shiing-Shen Chern. The Theoretical Physics Division in the Institute was founded in 1986 by the Nobel Prize laureate Chen Ning Yang. CIM is an open research institution. Its goal is to push forward the development of pure and applied mathematics, to promote the mathematical research in China, and to improve communication between mathematicians. The principle of CIM as proposed by Professor Chern in 1985 is: based at Nankai, facing the whole country, and viewing the world. CIM has organized many academic activities on various subjects, and trained a large number of young mathematicians. Through these efforts, CIM has made important contribution to the development of mathematics in China and to the improvement of connections between Chinese and international mathematical community.

Currently CIM has three Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Mo-Lin Ge, Yiming Long, Weiping Zhang), Cheung Kong Chair Professor (Lei Fu), etc. The research interest of the faculty members at CIM covers a wide range of subjects, including differential geometry, nonlinear analysis and symplectic geometry, algebraic geometry, number theory, partial differential equations, operator algebra, coding theory, cryptography, information theory, mathematical physics and its applications in physics, etc.

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