College of Computer and Control Engineering

1.History Introduction

In 1984, Computer Software Major(belonged to Department of Mathematics) and Automatic Control Major(belonged to Department of Physics) were integrated and Computer and System Science Department was established.In 1995, Nankai University combined Department of Computer and Systematic Science, Electronic Science and related research institutes, forming college of Information and Technology. In 2013, Nankai University made changes to College of Information and Technology, College of Computer and Control Engineering, College of Electronic Information and Optical Engineering were set up.

2.Current Quo

Subject:It has two first-level disciplines: Computer Science and Technology、 Control Science and Engineering. Under Computer Science and Technology Disciplines there are four second-level disciplines: Computer Software and Theory、Computer Applied Technology、Computer Systematic Structure、Information Security. Under the Disciplines of Control Science and Engineering, there are four second-level disciples: Control Theory and Control Engineering、Detection Technique and Automation Equipment、Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Control、Systematic Engineering. These two disciplines are all national authorized first-level disciplines, and they are also key disciplines in Tianjin, it contains fully training systems including undergraduate、postgraduate and post-doctor level. We possess postdoctoral research stations as well. “Tianjin key intelligent robot laboratory” and “National 863 Program Intelligent network laboratory” are also located here. There are two departments under it(Computer Science and Information Security Department 、 Automation and Intelligence and Technology Department; three research institutes (Institute of Robotic and Information Automation、Institute of Machine Intelligence、Institute of Big Data Technology Research ); one research center( Logistics Technology Research Center)、one experimental teaching center and one Public Computer Basic Teaching Department.

Talent team construction:In recent year, as we implemented ‘Strong Faculty Makes Better College’Strategy as well as “Restoration of College”Plan,we have hired outstanding doctors and post-doctors in and out of China, all aspects of teams have been optimized. Until now, our team is led by young and middle-aged academic leaders, characterized with high academic level, suitable structure, fully-energetic teaching、researching and management team. Currently, among near 110 staff, one of them is the winner of National Science Fund for Outstanding Young, four of them are New Century Talents(Ministry of Education authorized), two of them belong to National“Short-Time Thousand Talents Project”, two are winners of Tianjin“Thousand Youth Talents Plan Project”, twenty-five of them are professors. We have established close academic communication and cooperation ties with universities、research institutes and information technology companies in America, UK, Japan ,Hongkong and Taiwan,etc.Professors、part-time professors and visiting professors are hired from above places. Besides, we actively implemented “One-Hundred Talents Training Project”,every year we send outstanding students to world-famous universities, after they attained doctor degree, they return and become teachers.

Aim of Construction: Nankai University’s motto is Discipline, Practicality, Unity and Creativity, through years of endeavor, we will construct high level Computer and Control Engineering Education system, this will make Nankai University an important base for high-level innovative talents training and technology innovation, both in Tianjin and in China.

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