College of Economic and Social Development

The College of Economic and Social Development (CESD) of Nankai University was established in 1998 when Nankai was actively seeking systematic reform in response to the needs for higher education that were felt during China’s economic development and social growth. Over the past decade or so, thanks to the width and depth of Nankai’s discipline portfolio, the CESD has been able to build China’s best research facilities for Applied Economics, featuring key branches of Industrial Economics, Key Research base for Regional Economics under China’s 985 Program, and state-level research body for modern logistics. With a great number of high-caliber graduates and a series of academic achievements leading in China, the CESD has asserted itself on its excellence in scientific research and education as well. It has also become Nankai’s platform to undertake pilot programs for innovations in scientific research, teaching, management system and mechanism, and an interface with the world for high-level academic exchanges.

A research and teaching body under direct control of Nankai University, the CESD is composed of three centers (Center for the Research of Modern Logistics, Center for the Research of Urban and Regional Economics in China, Enterprise Research Center) on the one hand and two institutes (Industrial Economics Institute and Transportation Economics Institute) on the other. Moreover, in response to calls for joint educational projects and provincial government-university cooperation, the CESD has also set up the Office of Scientific & Technological Achievements for Industrial Application and International Cooperation, Training Department, Provincial Government-University Cooperation Center, Tianjin Branch of the Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development, Center for the Research of Education, Industrial and Regional Development of the Chinese Ministry of Education, etc.

Ever since it was established, the CESD has given full play to its extensive range of disciplines and, by streamlining, combining and expanding, has been able to create new disciplines. In its portfolio there are four Master’s degree-awarding programs (Industrial Economics, Regional Economics, Logistics, and Logistic Engineering), two Doctor’s degree-awarding programs (Industrial Economics and Regional Economics), and two post-doctoral research stations (Applied Economics, Science of Management and Engineering); The faculty of the CESD, which includes 18 full-time teachers and 7 visiting/reappointed teachers, averages 39 years old and are all holders of Doctoral degree. Currently there are 68 candidates enrolled in CESD’s full-time Master’s programs; 35 candidates in Doctoral programs, 10 post-doctoral researchers, and over 1000 students in collaborative programs jointly run with its foreign peers. Furthermore, the CESD has also had on its staff more than 60 prominent experts and scholars as part-time professors and researchers from home and abroad. Among them, Prof. Liu Binglian, Doctoral Advisor and Assistant to current President of the Nankai University and Dean of the CESD, specializes in teaching and research in areas such as regional industrial analysis, urban transportation and economics and its planning, logistics planning and policies. He has published over 120 papers, nearly 30 specialized books; moreover, he has undertaken major research projects funded by China National Natural Science Foundation, National Social Science Foundation, Key Projects of MOE Philosophy and Social Sciences Research, National Soft Science Foundation, National Science & Technology Support Program and dozens of other central & local government offices and major businesses and organizations.

Thanks to relentless efforts over the years, the CESD is now staffed by high-caliber and strong researchers, and its achievements have been leading among its peers in China; what is more, a combined strength across multiple disciplines has been built in areas such as regional economics and industrial economics, analysis of logistic industry and planning of regional logistics, management of supply chain and logistic engineering, and strategic management of industries and enterprises. Over the past decade or so, the CESD has published at least 70 specialized books, 10 translated books, 700 papers in various journals, out of which 478 have been cited by Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index (CSSCI); it has undertaken and completed 12 China National Natural Science Foundation projects, 11 National Social Science Foundation projects, including one key project and one MOE Philosophy & Social Science project; it has completed 18 projects commissioned by China Central Government offices and 80 more commissioned by provincial-level government offices; it has provided over 100 information-related services to government offices and businesses.

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