Bai Hongguang: China and the “Concept of Death”

April 16th, the 1st Chinese international forum titled “Euthanasia: Death with Dignity” was held in Tianjin. Bai Hongguang, Director of the Department of Sociology of Nankai University’s Zhou Enlai School of Government, stressed that, at the moment, the China needs to be educated to better understand the “concept of death”.

Prof. Bai considered that many people think that Chinese consider death as a taboo. In fact, many ancient writers talked about what “happy life” means. The concept of “Five Ways to Reach the Happiness” is mentioned in “The Book of History”. The five ways to reach the happiness are longevity, fortune, security, morality, and a peaceful death. However, in ancient times, life conditions were different, and people used to die young, so the “concept of death” has become a taboo inherited by the modern society. Mental revolutions need practical reforms. Therefore, nowadays people need to be educated to understand the “concept of death”. 

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