Bai Xuejie: In the Time of “Internet +”, Online Retailers Should Cooperate with Offline Traditional Stores to Achieve the Win-win Result

CNR: In the eighth “Double-11” Festival, a shopping festival initiated by Alibaba in China, the sale continued its explosive increase. Just after the 00:00, in only 52 seconds, the global volume of business surpassed 1 billion yuan; 6 minutes and six seconds later, it made a breakthrough of 100 billion yuan. Moreover, the volume of express delivery is also predicted to be more than 1 billion. In the past years, when people talked about the festival, they might sigh for the offline traditional stores for the online business was too competitive. However, with the prosperity of the Internet, does traditional stores really have to meet with the dead end?

Bai Xuejie, Vice Dean of Institute of Economy and Social Development, Nankai University, said that, in the time of “Internet +”, for online retailers and offline traditional stores, it is hard to judge the winner. Only through cooperations, could they both achieve the win-win result. “Frankly speaking, Internet logic emphasizes on sharing. For both traditional and online business, it is important to increase the stickiness between the consumer and the seller. The big data analysis is also a way of increasing the consumers’ stickiness. In other word, only when the seller clearly realizes the consumer’s interest, consumption habit, including the ability to pay, can they provide what the consumer needs.”

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