Prof. Zhang Yuli: College Student Entrepreneurship Should Transform from “Education” to “Cultivation”

“Based on the scientific nature of ‘education’, we should transform from ‘education’ to ‘cultivation’ by strengthening the function of ‘cultivation,’” said Prof. Zhang Yuli, the Distinguished Professor of Yangtze River Scholars Program and Nankai University’s doctoral supervisor, during the 3rd Meeting of College Students’ Entrepreneurship Cases and Innovation & Entrepreneurship Education Seminar.

Zhang Yuli proposed that entrepreneurship education should focus on the promotion of cognition, which helps improve the entrepreneur’s skill. The entrepreneurs, in return, should also assume a positive attitude towards failure and change mind set.

In his opinion, it is the uncertainty in business start-ups that impedes college students rather than financial and team-building problems in social entrepreneurship. He suggested the students to assess the potential risks ahead of schedule at the beginning of entrepreneurship so as to reduce the difficulties in the process to the minimum.

Source: People’s Daily Online

Translated by Shi Yuchen

Proofread by Ada Yan

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