By the end of 2014, Nankai University had obtained 1280 patents and 167 registrations of computer software copyright. In the past three years, there were 404 patents achieved, including 366 invention patents, and 1012 patents submitted their applications, including 980 invention patents. There were also 58 registrations of computer software copyright accomplished.

Papers published in top journals over the last 3 years are as follows:

Sub-Journal of Nature

Journal Name Title Author Year of Publication
NATURE COMMUNICATIONS Giant nonlinear optical activity in a plasmonic metamaterial Ren, MX; Plum, E; Xu, JJ; Zheludev, NI 2012
NATURE CHEMISTRY LITHIUM-AIR BATTERIES Something from nothing Cheng, FY; Chen, J 2012
NATURE COMMUNICATIONS Focused plasmonic trapping of metallic particles Min, CJ; Shen, Z; Shen, JF; Zhang, YQ; Fang, H; Yuan, GH; Du, LP; Zhu, SW; Lei, T; Yuan, XC 2013
NATURE NANOTECHNOLOGY Biomimetic enzyme nanocomplexes and their use as antidotes and preventive measures for alcohol intoxication Liu, Y; Du, JJ; Yan, M; Lau, MY; Hu, J; Han, H; Yang, OO; Liang, S; Wei, W; Wang, H; Li, JM; Zhu, XY; Shi, LQ; Chen, W; Ji, C; Lu, YF 2013
NATURE COMMUNICATIONS LRRC19 expressed in the kidney induces TRAF2/6-mediated signals to prevent infection by uropathogenic bacteria Su, XM|Min, SP|Cao, SS|Yan, H|Zhao, YN|Li, H|Chai, LM|Mei, SY|Yang, J|Zhang, Y|Zhang, ZJ|Liu, FF|Sun, W|Che, YZ|Yang, RC 2014
NATURE COMMUNICATIONS Legumain protease-activated TAT-liposome cargo for targeting tumors and their microenvironment Liu, Z|Xiong, M|Gong, JB|Zhang, Y|Bai, N|Luo, YP|Li, LY|Wei, YQ|Liu, YH|Tan, XY|Xiang, R 2014

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