Major Research Projects since 2011

Project Title Project Leader Institution
Research on Setting up the Framework and Database of Budget Performance Indicators in China Ma Caichen School of Economics
A Study on the Mechanism, Evaluation Methods and Policy Instruments of Urban Ecological Civilization Construction Zhong Maochu School of Economics
The Study on Economic Integration in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region from the Perspective of Regional Industrial Chain Jiang Manqi School of Economics
Optimizing the dynamic relationship between investment and consumption on the premise of economic growth stability He Jingtong School of Economics
Research on the strategy, policy and institution of the development of the real economy in China -- Based on the quantity relationship between the real economy and the fictitious economy Liu Xiaoxin School of Economics
New Trends of International Protectionism and the Strategies for China during the Economic Globalization Adjustment Period Tong Jiadong School of Economics
Research on Cross-strait Economic Integration Cao Xiaoheng School of Economics
A Study on Foreign Investment Administration under the "negative listing" Ge Shunqi School of Economics
New Theories and Approaches of Financial Risk Measurement and Application in Chinese Financial Institutions Liang Qi School of Economics
A Study on the Innovation Mechanism of Collaboration Development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region in the Field of Transportation, Environment and Industry Zhou Jingkui School of Economics
A Study on the Coordination Mechanism and Policy for the Open Strategies for Inward and Outward Foreign Direct Investment of China Xian Guoming School of Economics
Key Projects of The National Social Science Fund of China, Research on The Development Trend, Effect and China's Corresponding Strategy, Chuanzhong Du Du Chuanzhong Institute of Economic and Social Development
Environmental History of China (multi-volume) Wang Lihua School of History
Excavation, Rescue and Research in Northern Chinas Inscription Relics of Yuan Dynasty Li Zhi'an School of History
Study and Sorting of the Ming Record Nan Bingwen School of History
A General History of Chinese Patriarchal Clan (multi-volume) Chang Jianhua School of History
Study of the History and Culture of the Byzantine Empire Chen Zhiqiang School of History
The Hellenistic Civilization and the Silk Road Yang Juping School of History
Research on China-Specific Human Rights Development
Xue Jinwen The Research Center for Human Rights
New History of Japan Song Zhiyong Japan Research Institute
Theory and Practice in China of EPR Li Yongjian School of Business
Research on Standardization and Equalization of Basic Public Cultural Services in China Ke Ping School of Business
Governance of Network Society in China Wang Fang School of Business
The Construction and Application of Bilingual Terminological Knowledge Database Miao Ju College of Foreign Languages
A Chronology of Sino-Korean Poetry Exchange over Three Millennia Zhao Ji School of Literature
Historical Studies of Sino-Tibetan, based on Huayi Yiyu Zeng Xiaoyu School of Literature
A Study of the Exchange between Hebrew Literary Classics and the Literature and Culture of Ancient Mediterranean Cultural Circle Wang Lixin School of Literature
A Research on the Socialist Common Ideal with Chinese Characteristics from the Perspective of Social Identity Li Shumei Faculty of Philosophy
Research on History of Chinese Ecological Philosophy Qiao Qingju Faculty of Philosophy
History of Chinese Logic(8 volumes) Zhai Jincheng Faculty of Philosophy
Research on the New Development, Frontier Theory and Application of Modern Inductive Logic Ren Xiaoming Faculty of Philosophy
A Study on the Practice of China's Construction of New Major Power Relationship Han Zhaoyin The Zhou Enlai School of Government
Functions of regional policy innovation on coordinating regional development Yang Long The Zhou Enlai School of Government
Research on the individual and group behavior based on the actual measurement of large-scale networks Yue Guo'an The Zhou Enlai School of Government
A Comparative Study on Ways for Political Development in Non-western Countries Tang Rong The Zhou Enlai School of Government
Global Economic Governance System and China’s Strategy Integrating International and Domestic Rules Zhao Longyue The Zhou Enlai School of Government
Study on Structural Heterogeneity of China's Urban Community and Grassroots Governance based on Large Survey Data
Sun Tao The Zhou Enlai School of Government
The study on financial risks under the marketization of interest rates Tian Lihui Institute of Finance and Development
The Impacts of Aging on China 's Economic Development and Countermeasures Yuan Xin School of Economics
Research on Institutional Innovation and Supportive System of China Free Trade Zone, Binglian Liu Liu Binglian Institute of Economic and Social Development
Research on the Administration and Services for the Migrant People Guan Xinping Institute of Social Construction and Management
The Building of a Theory on the Value System of Literary Criticism and Its Practice Research Liu Lili School of Literature
Research on Socialist Deliberative Democracy with Chinese Characteristic Wang Xinsheng Faculty of Philosophy
The Study of Social Psychological Mechanism of Doctor - Patient Trust Relationship Construction Wang Xinjian The Zhou Enlai School of Government

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