Five Projects of Nankai University Gained Approval in the National Social Science Foundation Program

Nankai News Network (reporter: Nie Jici) The list of the National Social Science Foundation Program 2015 has recently published its list of grants. Of the 167 approved projects, five are from Nankai University. Currently, Nankai University has nine approved projects and ranks third in the universities in China.

This was the second round of grants and with the five just awarded Nankai University has been given 3.8 million in research funding. The projects are: A Study of the Exchange between Hebrew Literary Classics and the Literature and Culture of Ancient Mediterranean Cultural Circle, The Hellenistic Civilization and the Silk Road, Research on the New Development, Frontier Theory and Application of Modern Inductive Logic, The Construction and Application of Bilingual Terminological Knowledge Database, Study on Structural Heterogeneity of China's Urban Community and Grassroots Governance based on Large Survey Data, respectively undertaken by Professor Wang Lixin (College of Literature), Professor Yang Juping (College of History), Professor Ren Xiaoming (College of Philosophy), Professor Miao Ju (College of Foreign Languages) and Professor Sun Tao (Zhou Enlai School of Government). Another project, the Study and Translation on Russian’s Experience in Qing Dynasty, China undertaken by Professor Yan Guodong (College of Foreign Languages) has been approved as major project by the National Social Science Foundation Program, with 350,000 in research funding as well.

The National Social Science Foundation Program was established by the National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science in 2004 and is of the highest level, most heavily funded and authoritative in the field of social sciences. It is classified into three categories: application and countermeasures, basic theory and inter-disciplinary courses. Projects in session two include basic theory and inter-disciplinary courses.

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