Four Projects of Nankai University Gained Approval in the National Social Science Foundation Program

Nankai News Network (reporter, Lu Yang): Four research projects at Nankai University have gained approval according to the first official results released recently by the National Social Science Foundation Program 2015. Nankai ranks at the top of the list together with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Sun Yat-sen University.

The four projects are as follows: A Study on the Coordination Mechanism and Policy for the Open Strategies for Inward and Outward Foreign Direct Investment of China undertaken by Professor Xian Guoming from the School of Economics; A Study on the Innovation Mechanism of Collaboration Development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region in the Field of Transportation, Environment and Industry by Professor Zhou Jingkui from the School of Economics; A Comparative Study on Ways for Political Development in Non-western Countries by Professor Tanrong from the Zhou Enlai School of Government; and The National Social Science Fund of China Major Research Project on Global Economic Governance System and China’s Strategy Integrating International and Domestic Rules by Professor Zhao Longyue from Zhou Enlai School of Government.

In 2004, the National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Sciences approved the National Social Science Foundation Program. This program is a high level, heavily funded and highly authoritative research foundation in the field of the social sciences. It has been classified into three categories: application and countermeasures, basic theory, and inter-disciplinary courses. Currently there are 69 projects that have been approved by this program.

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