Translation and Professional Practice

Translation and Professional Practice programme is endeavored to improve the competitiveness of China and integrate itself to globalization development through imparting students with interpretation expertise and professional skills.

Programme Structure

Courses offered by Nankai University:
l  Simultaneous Interpretation
l  Translation of Literature and Culture
l  Advanced Interpretation Course (International trade and diplomacy Translation in Business, Law and Foreign Affairs)
l  Advanced English-Chinese Sight Interpreting
l  Consecutive Interpreting in Theory and Practice
Courses offered by University of Glasgow:
l  Translation Studies in Theory and Practice
l  Research Methods
l  Translation Technology Management and Subtitling
l  Mandarin Advanced Translation and Language Study
l  Approaches to Translation and Professional Environment

Programme Attributes 

With a solid knowledge of East and West, graduates could start their working journey in areas of language services and management in multiple international organizations, large multinationals, governments and corporations. In addition, they could offer a reliable communication without barriers among literature, arts and academic research. International and conferences at a high level would be their ideal arena for interpretation. They are supposed to be talents with interdisciplinary capabilities. 

Nankai University

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