Nankai University and University of Glasgow signed a Cooperation Agreement in Beijing

July 26th, the ceremony to sign the Nankai University-University of Glasgow Cooperation Agreement was held in Beijing. The Prime Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon, the Rector of University of Glasgow Anton Muscatelli, the Vice Rector Anne Anderson, the President of Nankai University Gong Ke, the Vice President Tong Jiadong took part in the ceremony. President Gong Ke and Rector Anton Muscatelli represented the two sides signing the Agreement.

As law graduate of the University of Glasgow, Nicola Sturgeon was very pleased to see this type of cooperation between two internationally renowned universities. She said that for two internationally renowned universities with such an excellent reputation, this first “Joint Graduate School” is an opportunity to cultivate international postgraduate students. We hope both sides will further cooperate closely to jointly promote the cultivation of postgraduate students, youth cultural exchanges, joint researches and so on to produce more and more contributions.

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