Nankai Dictionary - Cultural and creative work competition Project

On the occasion of our Alma Mater's coming Centennial Anniversary, imbued with great gratitude and respect, the "Nankai Dictionary" Culture and Creativity Team has recorded the distinctive natural and cultural environment as well as its exquisite elegance with a grateful heart and a poetic pen, in honor of keeping precious literary images and creating sweet memories for the alumni of Nankai and the people who admire her.

Lasting for eight months, through continuous researching, interviewing and reading tremendous relevant literatures, the team finally completed the "Nankai Dictionary". The manuscript is composed of five parts, including chapters of Foundation, Figures, Teams, Positions and Time Nodes, with the chronicle of Nankai's big events in the past 96 years attached in the end. The book contains 88 entries (more than 48000 words) in total, covering quite a wide range. The entries are concisely and vividly explained; the graphic design is classic and simple. Combining both practical value and collecting value, it can be used to promote school enrollment and cultural transmission.

The whole crew sincerely hopes that anyone who reads the book, together with students in Nankai, will treasure this perpetual love for Nankai in heart.

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