“New Occidental” The exploitation and construction of the extracurricular reading webpage on Chinese language

Based on the practical demands of International Chinese Language Teaching, the cultural creative team set up a learning website and design supporting pocketbooks aimed at helping Chinese learners to improve their Chinese.

The website provides rich types and a wide range topic of Chinese learning materials, meanwhile, the classification of the words, grammars and Chinese characters strictly follows the vocabulary requirements which range from level 1 to 6 in The new outline of HSK. Each material is matched with the explanation of new words and standard reading audios. Besides, this website provides Q&A service online for Chinese learners all around the world, thus the professional teaching team will answer all the questions in time.

There are 8 parts on this website( including the pocketbooks),which involves “Studying Abroad in Nankai University”,“Folk Tales”,“Stories from Chinese History”,“Social Life in Contemporary China”,“The City Card of China”,“Traditional Customs of China”,“Science and art of China” and so on. The team members applied what they have learnt into practice, setting up a window for international Chinese learners to know more about Chinese society and culture.

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