Modern Interactive Study of Beijing and Tianjin academic culture: Research on collection of books

As one of the most important modern cultural centers in northern China, the cultural undertakings in Tianjin have a profound impact on Beijing, Tianjin even the whole country. However, there is still a lack of in-depth research on the specific circumstances of the academic community. To fill this research gap, the project team has conducted investigations and studies which are focused on the active bibliophiles and publishers in these areas. The project has been completed with the purpose of the practical application of the theory,the unity of knowledge and action, the service for Tianjin.

By the means of investigation on the spot, depth interview, literature arrangement and other research methods, the project team has completed the investigation report of thirty thousand words, five pieces of paper (a published article).The report has put forward new ideas about the case of bibliophiles in Tianjin and the cultural interaction between Beijing and Tianjin . It's sure that the research results will make a big difference in Tianjin Cultural Renaissance.

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