Debate & Eloquence Association

Debate & Eloquence Association

The tradition of debate, which traces its history back to 1993, has deep roots in Nankai University. With the contemporary society competition intensified, an outstanding eloquence as well as a speculative spirit becomes a common pursuit of talents in this new era. The Association of Debate & Eloquence has accompanied the growth and development of debate in Nankai since its foundation in 1996. From the large-scale debate events of all kinds in the 1990s to these years’ Beijing-Tianjin region competitions, we never missed a single participation. The cultivation of a solid debate foundation and a style aiming at seeking for knowledge has long been our mission. We hope that debate will become an effective approach for the college students’ self-growth promotion, comprehensive quality improvement as well as their holistic personality formation.

The Debate & Eloquence Association has travelled through trials and hardships for 20

Years with adherence to its Following current events, Aspiring after truth, Training ability of eloquence, Promoting comprehensive quality purpose. During those past 20 years, we dedicated in disseminating the culture of debate so as to explore and promote ourselves unceasingly, to build up a stage for every single Nankaiers who loves debating with enthusiasm and efforts, to contribute to the construction of Nankai campus culture with thoughts and passion.

On account of our association’s purpose, we would like to widely invite any person who has study in debating as our counselor, and we promise to advance through trials and improvements. Our association was awarded the title of Model of Tianjin Excellent Student Society in 2011. Since the foundation of our association 20 years ago, we have been significantly supported by school’s leadership and noted public figures. Meanwhile, the close attention from students and teachers has also been our motivation to activate campus culture. No pains, no gains. Debate & Eloquence Association of Nankai will amplify our influence to every single corner inside our campus, make the art of debate spreads and roots.

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