The Grand Opening Ceremony

Nankai News Network report (Reporter: Qiao Renming Photographer: Ren Yonghua). On the morning of January 16, 2015, the grand opening ceremony of the “Tianjin Forum 2015” was held in the Tianjin Yingbin Hotel. The theme was “Urban Development and Governance”, the opening ceremony attracted approximately 200 guests from such countries/regions as China (the mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao), South Korea, America, Japan and Germany. Yin Hailin, deputy mayor of Tianjin, and Park In-Kook, the General Minister of the Korean Foundation for Advanced Studies were the speakers. The opening ceremony was hosted jointly by Xue Jinwen, Secretary of the Communist Party Committee and Chief of the Administrative Affairs Committee of Nankai University and Gong Ke, the President of Nankai University and Director of the Forum Organizing Committee. Vice President Guan Naijia and Zhu Guanglei were present at the ceremony.

After the opening ceremony,the Deputy Mayor Yin Hailin of Tianjin, Gretchen Kalonji, former assistant Director-General of UNESCO, Seung H-ang, representative of IROJE in South Korea, Stanley Loh Ka Leung, Ambassador to the Republic of Singapore to the People's Republic of China and Chen Qingquan, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Royal Academy of Engineering, Honorary Chair Professor in Hong Kong University delivered keynote speeches respectively theme of. Based the background of urbanization, they commented in-depth on issues in terms of how to improve the urban environment, foster scientific and democratic urban development, and raise residents' quality of life. The speeches were well received with sustained applause. Park In-kook hosted the keynote speech.

The forum was held on January 16th and 17th in Tianjin Yingbin Hotel. There were four sub-forums on “Layout Adjustment and Space Optimization of Urban Industry”, “Urban Competition and Cooperation”, “Ecological Civilization Construction in the Process of Urbanization” and “Social Changes in Acceleration Period of Urbanization”, and a round-table meeting on “Urban Rebuilt and the Construction of A Livable City". The guests joined forces in seeking future development direction and driving forces for the advancement of Tianjin, China and Northeast Asia.

The first Tianjin Forum, "Tianjin Forum 2015", was organized with high-level dialogue focusing on a set of heated issues such as “Experience and Reality of Urbanization and Urban Spatial Evolution”, “Mechanism and Mode of Urban Competition and Cooperation and Institutional Innovation of Urban Regional Synergetic Development”, “Ecological Environmental Protection in the Process of Urbanization”, “Social Issues and Governance in Urbanization Acceleration Period”, and “Multivariate Participation in Urban Rebuilding”. Under the background of the Integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, “Tianjin Forum 2015” discussed in particular the topic of “Experience and Comparison: Path and Strategy of Synergetic Development of cities in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei”, making joint efforts for the future development of such places. In the discussion session of the forum that lasted one and a half days, delegates held in-depth dialogue and discussion on the above issues from their respective research domain and professional perspective in an attempt to make proposals as to how to cope a series of heated and tricky issues in Northeast Asia integration through collaboration in political, business and academic communities.

Tianjin Forum, a serial international academic forum sponsored jointly by the Korean Foundation for Advanced Studies and Nankai University, is another high-level academic communication platform named after the city following the Beijing Forum and Shanghai Forum. This forum will be held every other year. The theme of every Tianjin Forum, will be based on the demand of development in China, South Korea and other countries in Northeast Asia, and will be collected from all walks of life before being discussed by committee of experts and finally decided upon.

Based on Tianjin’s important status in both China and Asia and Nankai University’s advantages with regard to multidiscipline and high level internationalization, supported by Tianjin municipal government and relevant organizations, the forum attracted scholars, dignitaries, leaders in business and other fields from home and abroad. With in-depth discussions from a multidisciplinary aspect, the forum improved the research level of scholars from China and northeast Asia in the research capacity in northeast Asia, trying to build up into an influential international forum with significant influence and appeal.

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