The Nankai-CHUK Joint Center for Social Policy

September 19, 2008 marked the foundation of the Nankai - CUHK (Joint Center for Social Policy at the Chinese University of Hong Kong). An opening ceremony was held to celebrate the inception of the center based on the exchange and cooperation of teaching and research in social policy between the two universities.

Both universities have a strong background in social policy research. CUHK has a highly respected reputation for social policy research in Asia-Pacific area. Nankai University’s social policy is ranked top in China. During the past two decades, the social policy scholars of these universities have done extensive research in Social Policy theories and Comparative Social Policies. They have also studied social policy (in light of) transition in the background of Economic Reform and Globalization. The domestic problems of poverty and anti-poverty policies have also been widely studied. Along with studies on Social Security development, Social Exclusion and Inclusion, housing policies, health policies, and social welfare policies for children, the elderly and disabled people, etc. This research has been well received and had fruitful academic and applied research outcomes.

Social policy is becoming a significant issue, not only in Mainland China but also throughout the world, garnering much attention. This Joint Center selects research topics based on general trends in the world and the specific issues in Mainland China and Hong Kong. They also focus on common challenges that different countries and regions are facing in the background of globalization, particularly social problems and social policy development in Chinese societies in different regions. The Joint Center pays especial attention to new problems surrounding issues of Socioeconomic Transition, and the governments’ responses to the new concerns. In recent years, the Joint Center has undertaken extensive research projects, including Social Policy Issues in the Process of Rural Labor Migration, Urban and Rural Poverty and Social Assistance Policy in China, Urban Housing Policy, Difficult Children and the Child Protection Policy, Social Policy for Migrants’ Social Inclusion, Social Protection and the Welfare Policy for Disabled Persons, etc.

The Nankai-CUHK Joint Center for Social Policy is an Open Institute, mainly constituting of social policy scholars at the two universities. The first directors were Professor Xinping Guan From Nankai University, and Guangliang Tang from CUHN, and the current directors are Professor Xinping Guan from Nankai and Professor Steven Ngai from CUHK. The two universities have organized strong academic resources in this area, and have doubled their cooperation in the undertaking of key research projects and making academic contributions to Social Policy Research and Applied Policy Recommendations to governments in Mainland China, Hong Kong and in broader areas.

In recent years, the Joint Center organized a student symposium of Social Policy and Social Work. Collaborating with Fudan University, they organized seminars each year for the annual academic conference of China’s Association of Sociology. They worked with the Center of Social Policy, Taiwan University to organize the annual Academic Symposium of Social Policy in Chinese Societies of Mainland, Hong Kong Taiwan, and Macau. The Joint Center promotes scholar and student exchanges between Mainland and Hong Kong, including scholar academic visits and furthering of Nankai University student education in CUHK.

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