Scholars of Nankai University Contribute Their Suggestions to 2014 Summer Davos Forum

Message from CSSN (Reporter: Ma Xianzhong, Correspondent: Ma Chao): The 2014 Summer Davos Forum will be held in Tianjin from September 10 to September 12. In the preparation stage, scholars of Nankai University (hereafter refereed to as NKU) actively involved themselves in contributing suggestions for this meeting.

In this Summer Davos, themed by “Facilitate Innovation and Create Value”, Tong Jiadong, Vice President of NKU and Professor in the School of Economics, was selected as head of Issue under the discussion team of the preparation. Within such a framework, 20 subtopics were set with the efforts of the whole team composed of people from NKU, Beijing University, Renmin University of China, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Ministry of Commerce, and some local research institutes and universities in Tianjin.

According to Tong Jiadong, the 20 subtopics are decided after all the team members brainstormed through several rounds of discussions by taking the following aspects into consideration. First, issues of our common concern in economic development in today’s world; second, China’s role in global economic development and the prospect of Chinese economy; third, the advancement and model Tianjin, the “new leading city” and “megacity” endorsed by Summer Davos Forum should embrace. , Scholars of NKU took the lead in studying 12 out of 20 subtopics and participated in the study of other subtopics.

For example, Tong Jiadong undertook two subtopics: “Structural adjustment of Chinese economy and upgrading of value chain.” “Environment, resource and sustainable development.” Zhang Yuli, Professor in the School of Business assumed the subtopic of “Drive innovation in enterprise and develop emerging industry.” Wu Zhicheng, Professor in the Zhou Enlai School of Government was responsible for the subtopic, “Modernization of national governance system and governance capacity.”

Thanks to the ever-growing economy of China, an increasingly number of Chinese cities hopes to better drive their economic growth through industry. Tianjin, as our exemplary city of circular economy and low-carbon development, put forward the idea of “Green Meeting” when Summer Davos Forum came to Tianjin in 2010. Since Summer Davos is going to be held in Tianjin for the fourth time, this idea has matured.

Zhu Tandan, a member of the National Environmental Advisory Committee, and Professor in School of Environmental Science and Engineering of NKU has served as the leader of Green Meeting Team under the Preparedness Office. According to Professor Zhu, team members prepared for this meeting a year ahead through the discussion and setting of topics so as to produce a more oriented scheme for Green Meetings, this is conducive to the development of cities in the years to come. These topics include design of venue, voluntary service, involvement of surrounding areas of Tianjin, the improvement of national qualities, etc. Zhu also said that holding meetings has constituted a part of people’s social activities, which should be integrated with the idea and culture of ecological civilization. Green Meetings are favorable to the future development of cities and the improvement of people’s idea of ecological civilization and environmental protection.

Summer Davos Forum acts as a good platform where China can display its image of low-carbon development so as to make more people are more aware of China in the globalization process.

The World Economic Forum, an unofficial international organization with its headquarters set in Geneva, Switzerland was created as a successor to European Management Forum founded by Klaus Schwab, incumbent President of Forum, and Professor of the Geneva Business School. A membership system was adopted after it was founded for 5 years owing to expansion of its international clout.

In 1987, the “European Management Forum” was renamed the “World Economic Forum”. Since the annual meeting of this forum is held in Davos, a small town in Switzerland at the end of January or the start of February, we call this forum the “Davos Forum”. The Winter Davos held in Switzerland is a platform where the world’s top 1,000 businesses have dialogues with governments at all levels, mainly focusing on global hot issues or trends. This forum provides an important window into the new achievements, new theories and new trends of world economic development, poses some influence to the trend of global economic development. In 2007, this forum moved outside Switzerland for the first time. Since then, Summer Davos was held in China. It boasts another name “New Champions”.

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