Gong Ke: China’s Industrial Intelligence Upgrading should be Carried out by Sector

In the era of dramatic changes in global industrial pattern, intelligent manufacturing has become a significant trend and core of the manufacturing industry. Experts pointed out that China’s intelligent manufacturing is still impeded by backward mindset, low digitalization, over capacity and lack of talent. More efforts should be made in accelerating industrial upgrading.

President of Nankai University Gong Ke stressed that people is the driver of innovation. However, talent is the most demanding factor for artificial intelligence. In this case, many enterprises offer a large sum of salary from RMB 300,000 to 700,000 only to recruit a right person.

The rapid rise of artificial intelligence has provided new opportunities for Chinese economy. Experts believe that China should take multiple measures to promote the integration of artificial intelligence with the real economy and accelerate industrial upgrading.

Gong Ke noted that China’s industrial intelligence upgrading should be carried out by sector, for example, artificial manufacturing, artificial agriculture, artificial logistics, artificial finance, artificial business and artificial household furnishing. Among all the sectors, artificial manufacturing serves as the priority. More efforts should be made in advancing the R&D of intelligent products and connectivity products such as the key facilities for intelligent manufacturing, core supporting software, industrial Internet, promoting the intelligent manufacturing in process, dispersed intelligent production, the intelligent manufacturing via the Internet and network diagnosis service so as to establish a standard system for intelligent manufacturing and promote the intelligent manufacturing in the full life cycle.


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