School of Economics: Be round in disposition, square in action

School of Economics: Be round in disposition, square in action

Round Teaching Building and Square Teaching Building for College of Economics

Under the lead of Chinese economists, the construction ofthe College of Economics and Research Institute of Economics made Nankai University one of the leading universities in China.

After the reform and opening-up policy, a new generation of the School of Economics of Nankai University again started to take an historical mission. To satisfy the requirements of social and economic development, Mr. Teng Weizao, Mr. Gu Shutang and other professors reconstructed the School by planning disciplines, constructing departments, raising funds and establishing teaching buildings. Passing on the tradition, faculty members and students of the School of Economics adhered to the model of connecting teaching with research and emphasis on research and statistics.

In the early 1980s, administrators developed the spirit of traditional educational philosophy, encouraging some faculty members to appeal for support and sponsorship from alumni and all social sectors. Thanks to the effort from all sectors and departments, the School of Economics raised funds up to more than 20 million yuan. At that time, the construction expenditure given to Nankai University by the Ministry of Education was merely about 2.5 million yuan; thus, this 20 million yuan signifies the Nankai spirit that Nankai never gives up in spite of difficulties.

In the new era, the School of Economics actively adjusted its structure, setting up the departments highly demanded by the national and local social and economic development. The School has four departments, the Departments of Economics, Departments of Finance, Departments of International Economics and Trade, Departments of Risk Management and Public Finance, together with seven research institutes, including the Institute of Economics, Institute of Urban and Regional Economics and APEC Study Center.

Recalling over 80 year’s history, those prominent and significant faculty members and students of the School of Economics of Nankai University will never be forgotten. Through the effort of generations, the School of Economics of Nankai University, with its high spirit of development, seizes every opportunity for new progress.

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