The Boling Building: the rational inspiration

The Boling Building: the rational inspiration

Located in the southwest of Nankai Campus, the Boling Building has become a fertile soil to cultivate groups of excellent students of Nankai University.

The Boling Building is attractive because free discussion is encouraged here. Mr. Zhang Boling, a founder of Nankai Schools, believed that education was not only for research and teaching, but to offer a platform for communication and comprehension among individuals and for development and debate among different academic schools. So, a variety of academic lectures take over this responsibility and become an important way for students to understand morality, upgrade their thoughts and finally arrive at absolute perfection. In Nankai University, going to the Boling Building for lectures is a method of education, a habit of conversation and a style of life. With the latest academic trends and the most advanced ideas, the professors on the stage of Nankai University are spreading a mode of spirit and thought about the world and life.

Another characteristic of the Boling Building lies in its accommodation of high-end scientific research institutes. It has been nicknamed the ‘high-tech building’, which includes the National Pesticide Engineering Centre, Modern Optical Research Institute, Combinatorics Research Centre, just to name a few. The Modern Optical Research Institute of Nankai University was established in1984. It aims to bring about comprehensive research of photonic and optical engineering and also foster high-level talents. In 1995, the College of Information Technical Science was established. Through the overlap and integration of teaching and researching, including faculty from the fields of computers, electro-optical information and automation, it forms a group of disciplines containing the main area of informatics. In the same year, the National Pesticide Engineering Centre of Nankai University was established. The aim and mission of the Centre is to discover and create new pesticides under the notion of ‘doing scientific research is for production’. In1997, Nankai University established its Combinatorics Research Centre, which is a research institute of international influence. Now, it owns a national key discipline of Applied Mathematics; a ministry of education-formed, key laboratory for core mathematics and combinatorial mathematics; and a city-based, key chamber for combinatorial mathematics.

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