Cultural Interaction: let’s study Korean!

The three teachers of the course Elementary Korean began their first class with an ingenious Korean song. The teachers were Li Zhishan, from the Office for International Academic Exchanges, Hanna Joo, a Korean Ph.D. student majoring in Tourism Management (class of 2015), and Jihee Kwon, a Korean master’s student majoring in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (class of 2016). In the future classes, they will teach simple sentences in Korean to the students.

Li Zhishan explained, “The course use a brand-new method: Chinese and Korean teachers can work together and give full play to their advantages. As a Chinese teacher, I think I am more familiar with the problems of Chinese students. Thus I will be responsible for teaching grammar.” On the other hand, the Korean teachers can provide students with standard pronunciation and cultural examples.

The books of King Sejong Institute, the Korean overseas training institute, and other materials were selected as textbooks to provide the students with basic learning contents and homework. Li Pinxue, an undergraduate student majoring in Clinical Medicine (class of 2015), said, “We can learn grammar and practice Korean in class. The Korean cultural presentations are interesting; we can learn a lot!”

The course Elementary Korean is one of the Public General Elective Courses organized by Nankai University’s Teaching Affair Office to satisfy students’ interests in Korean language and help them to understand Korean culture.

Reported by Hou Xiaoli

Translated by Ada

Proofread by Letizia Vallini

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