Nankai’s Business School launched a Joint Education Program with University of Utah’s Business School

According to the Memorandum of Understanding between Nankai University and theAmerican University of Utah, the Business Schools of the two universities finally reached a consensus on the 3+1 Undergraduate and Master’s Students Joint Education Program. The program will be officially launched in the fall semester of 2017.

The program is designed to help the outstanding undergraduate students ofNankai University’s Business School. The3+1 Undergraduate and Master’s Students Joint Education Program will lay a solid foundation for students’future businessdevelopment. The undergraduate students enrolled in the program will need to obtain the credits required for the graduation (except for the thesis and the teaching practice) atNankai University’s Business School before applying for the master program at thehost university. Upon completion of the master degree at the University of Utah, the students will be awarded a MasterDegree in Management from the University of Utah. After the undergraduate thesis defense at Nankai University, the participants will be awarded an undergraduate degree from Nankai University. The University of Utah will offer scholarships for the participants.

Nankai University’s Business School actively carries out international training programs to find new ways toeducate the students. While continuously increasing the students’ exchange opportunities, the School also actively explores the 3+N Undergraduate and Master’s Students Joint Education Program. In addition to the collaborations with the University of Surrey (UK) and the University of Utah, the 3+N Undergraduate and Master’s Students Joint Education Program with Rutgers University (USA) is also progressing rapidly. The programs will provide the students with an international education platform withglobalhorizons and high-level educational resources.

Reported by Yang Jianliang

Translated by Li Shujia

Proofread by LetiziaVallini

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