The Visit of Campus France to Nankai University

May 24th, the delegation led by Mrs. Stéphanie Balme, Attaché for University and Scientific (Social Sciences) Cooperation of the Embassy of France in China, paid a visit to Nankai University. The delegation included the Chinese representatives of Sciences Po, University of Toulouse, EMLYON Business School, ESSEC Business School, Paris Institute of Technology, and Paris Diderot University. The staff of Office for International Academic Exchanges, School of Finance, College of Tourism and Service Management, Zhou Enlai School of Government, and School of Law met the guests.

The Director of the Office for International Academic Exchanges Wu Zhicheng introduced the international academic panorama of Nankai University and the current cooperation programs with French universities. He stressed that Nankai University is committed to promoting academic collaboration with French Universities in the areas of student and professor exchanges, overseas programs, and joint cultivation programs.

The representatives of the French universities introduced the characteristics, cooperation basis and demands of their institutes, and expressed their will to deepen academic collaboration. Mrs. Balme stressed that the visit aimed at obtaining a better understanding of Nankai University and clarifying the final targets of both sides to widen the areas of collaboration. After the meeting, the delegates explained their overseas programs and short-term internships in France to the students of Nankai.

Reported by Wang Guanyi

Translated by Ada Yan

Proofread by Letizia Vallini

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