German Designer gave a Lecture on Intercultural Communication

May 23rd, the German graphic designer and Sinologist Suzu Pahlke visited the College of Foreign Languages of Nankai University, accompanied by Li Zhenan, the President of FVCD. Mrs. Pahlke gave a lecture titled Sino-German Intercultural Communication.

During the conference, Ms. Pahlke talked about the kindness and hospitality of Chinese people. She was impressed by the massive size and the beautiful scenery of the Chinese universities. She was also looking forward to seeing more exchanges between Chinese and  German students. Prof. Du Weihua, Vice Dean of the College of Foreign Languages and Director of the Department of German, said that the lecture could provide the students of the Department with a platform to understand Germany and promote the communication between German professors and Chinese students. Thanks to the help of Mrs. Pahlke, the students of the Department of German will have a deeper understanding of the Chinese and German cultures.

Reported by Wang Chongyi and Liu Ruiyi

Translated by Li Shujia

Proofread by Ada Yan

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