2017 Student Summer Social Practice [Series Ⅱ]

The Summer Social Practice Program of the Students of the College of Chinese Language and Culture in Xibaipo  

The students of Nankai University’s College of Chinese Language and Culture recently visited Xibaipo to take part in the social practice Discover the New Face of the Old Revolutionary Base Area. The program aimed at bringing the spirit of dedication to public interests, acquisition of all-round capability into practice, recalling the history and the spirit of the revolution.

Thanks to this social practice program, the students learned the spirit of sacrifice of the revolutionaries as well as Party’s hard work and close ties with the masses. They realized the practical significance of the red spirit in the modern society and further understood students’ historical responsibility and mission.

Reported by Wang Jushang, Xu Ke

Translated by Shi Yuchen

Nankai University’s Peasant Rural and Agriculture Association and Tianjin Infrastructure Group supported the Construction of Four Nankai Reading Rooms

Nankai University’s Peasant Rural and Agriculture Association (PRAA) and Tianjin Infrastructure Group held the Book Donation Ceremony at Chuangye Huanbao Building (Nankai District) on July 10.

Nankai University’s PRAA and Tianjin Infrastructure Group collected 1,584 books in a month. The donation will support the construction of four Nankai Reading Rooms in Hubei, Shanxi, Jilin, and Guizhou. The construction will be carried on by four summer social practice teams of Nankai University’s PRAA.

Thanks to the support of the Youth League Committees of Nankai University and School of Economics, PRAA has already collected more than 2,500 books and more than 1,200 RMB to buy books. Books and donations will be used to support the establishment of the Nankai Reading Rooms.

Reported by Song Yuanding, Yan Jilin

Translated by Shi Yuchen

Nankai University’s Philosophy Training Camp organized the Outstanding Young Alumni Interview

Nankai University’s 2017 National Middle School Student Philosophy Summer Training Camp organized the Outstanding Young Alumni Interview at the College of Tourism and Service Management on July 13. Yang Yuhui, alumni of School of Philosophy and editor of Tianjin Daily, Zheng Xiangyu, an undergraduate (class of 2009) and graduate student (class of 2013), and Shan Hongze, a Ph.D. student (class of 2016), were invited as special guests. The Interview was hosted by School of Philosophy’s Vice Chancellor and Vice Dean Song Yuan.

Reported by Zhang Jinchuan, Shan Hongze

Translated by Shi Yuchen

Student Career Guidance Center organized an Investigation of the Work of the Selected College Graduates in Guangxi

The social practice team of Nankai University’s Student Career Guidance Center and the participants of the temporary program Li Gong Project visited Nanning (Guangxi) on July 13. The students had a meeting with the Organization Department of the Autonomous Region’s Party Committee and investigated the general situation of Nankai University’s outstanding college graduates selected to be the reserves cadres in CPC and governmental organizations who are currently working in Guangxi.

Hu Jun, Vice Director of the Department of Student Affairs and Director of the Student Career Guidance Center, Wang Jianpeng, Vice Director of the Student Career Guidance Center, Liu Xioabin and Lin Liang, Director and Vice Director of the Civil Servants Administration of Guangxi, the staff of the Organization Department of Pubei County (Guangxi), and Nankai University’s selected college graduates attended the meeting. During the event, the participants discussed the development of the work of the selected college graduates in Guangxi.

After the meeting, the members of Nankai University’s Li Gong Project were divided into two social practice teams to attend a one-month social program in Pubei County (Qingzhou) and Linyun County (Baise). Reported by Zhang Ying, Lu Xin

Reported by Zhang Ying and Lv Xin

Translated by Shi Yuchen

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