Students of Nankai University won Several Prizes in the 15th AD Campus Competition

Recently, the result of the 15th AD Spring Competition was released. Students majoring in Radio and Television (class of 2015) of School of Literature, Nankai University, won several prizes in the competition.    

Among the sixteen works by the class of Broadcast and Television (2015) that were submitted to the competition, three works won the Bronze Prize of business category within relevant topics, five Excellence Awards and three Honorable Awards with the winning rate approaching 70%. Member of National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Literature of School of Literature Liu Shuai was awarded Outstanding Advisor.

The AD Campus Competition is a national advertisement art event for university students, which has a wide influence among universities. With the participation of 1,500 Chinese universities, the AD Campus Spring Competition had received 183 thousand works from 143 thousand groups.

Reported by Yu Chuhan

Translated by Shi Yuchen

Proofread by Ada Yan



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